NAB2019 - anyone there?

hi, didn’t know where to put this topic, but as I would wish to see a Textblade it’s maybe the right place :slight_smile:
anyone heading to NAB in Las Vegas? or is around LA the next few weeks with a unit and would be so kind to let me have a look?:wink:

all the best from Europe, arne

Arne - please check with us when you are in LA.


My NAB Editing Setup is still missing something :slight_smile: Its a horrible mess of cables - the adapter madness is taking a bit too much realestate and also makes the whole setup insanely weak - these usb-c plugs are not prune to connection errors, because someone touched them at the wrong end.
at least one usb port could be saved by changing the wired keyboard - I´m still curious if i will be able to adapt to a different layout for editing.

“second” monitor with ipad & duetapp is a god send on an 13" macbook air. second laptop used for email and uploading and file transfers with my colleague.

I´m back in LA in about a week - will text here(?) again. Thanks!

Me thinks you need a textblade in there so you can jump between all those pc’s & IPad :slight_smile:


yeah! I’m back in LA! I updated my phone number on my order if that helps :slight_smile:

I sure hope @waytools arranges a meeting with you. I’d love to go by there - and sometimes I pass through LA between flying from Hawaii to the east coast and back - but they are always very short layovers of an hour or so.

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Arne - please email us your schedule and we’ll try to work out a time for you.


Looks like you have the same mouse as me.

Hope you can work out your visit with WT.

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just sent you an e-mail to ask@
thanks so much and I really appreciate that you take time to even consider. I just realized it’s Easter (because someone told me at the groceries) … I’m a bit off the clock since NAB … time flies so fast

thanks, happy Easter to all of you!

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