My TextBlade app says the beta is over

My TextBlade app no longer recognizes my TextBlade keyboard. What gives? Is the Beta testing over?

Have you gotten the latest version on TestFlight? There are no changes, but Apple requires periodical renewal of the app and they did that recently.

Hwedhlor - The other thing to check is to make sure you didn’t log into a different Icloud account or Apple ID, since that would take you to a different testflight access, and your treg TextBlade app wouldn’t be visible.

I can see the WayTools Team 29 response on my PC, and in the app on my iPhone, but see no way to reply via the iPhone.

According to the TextBlade app on my iPhone Xs I have Version 1.1.1 (510). I just won’t recognize my TextBlade when I connect the pieces and press Start.

As I recall, the number doesn’t change when WT simply renews it, but you still need to go to TestFlight to get the “update”.

In any case, just go to TestFlight and see if it has an update or if it just says “open” (which would mean you don’t need to update). At least that would remove one possibility.

When I open TestFlight on my iPhone, then go to Updates, the latest listed is 8120 from September 21.

No, not the updates in the TB app.

Just in TestFlight itself. If, in TF, next to the TB app, it says “open”, then you should be up to date.

If it says “update”, then you aren’t.

Oh, you can also see on that same screen how many days it is good for. Mine says it “expires in 72 days”.

Yes, when I tap on TestFlight I see “Open” and the version is 1.1.1 (510) and Expires in 72 days. When I tap “Open” there I see the TextBlade app and tap “Open” there. Under Posts I can see this series of posts, but under Tests and Power the app does not see my TextBlade keyboard. I’ve tried restarting the keyboard several times without any change in the results.

Actually I don’t see this series of posts, but rather only Issue 9, which I posted to apprise the WayTools team that I could no longer connect. They replied that they were doing a test to see if I could receive their response in the app, which I could.

Ok, looks like you’re up to date on app, we’ll contact you to check your TextBlade firmware.

Telemetry says your last ota was interrupted, so we’ll check it out together.

I’m going to have to sign off for this evening. It’s 1 AM here and I need to get some sleep. I’ll sign on again tomorrow during the day and we can resume this. Thanks for the help. :slight_smile:


Then it sounds like one of the two things WT mentioned - either an ID issues or, apparently more likely, that incomplete OTA.

Just out of curiosity, is the phone the only thing you have it connected to? I have the app on iphone on ipad. If you have both and it only is messed up on one, that would be noteworthy.

But I’m betting on the OTA issue.

I’m inclined to agree that this is an OTA issue. I’ve advised the WayTools Team that I’m ready to continue researching the issue.

Calling now.

Same here. I see the 9/21 Beta (8120), I don’t see any posts about a new beta, and in TestFlight it just says Open (so it should be up to date). Version 1.1.1 (510). I don’t see anything about a new update or firmware.

PT _Ken - just finished with hweldhor, and he’s fully operational now.

At issue -

Bluetooth link has 2 channels - key stream and data stream.

He could type keys (key stream working).

But diagnostic info (data stream) was blocked.

Solution was to delete prior instance of TextBlade app from his iPhone.

Then install a vanilla copy of app from testflight, and log back in to his treg account.

That restored the data stream.

All good now.


I was very favorably impressed with the patience and determination exhibited by the WayTools representative, who stuck with me as we stepped through a series of diagnostic processes to pinpoint the issue, then the probable cause, and finally applied the solution to a successful conclusion. We both learned from the experience and I am very grateful for the support. :slight_smile: Merry Christmas to all!



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