My Shipment has slipped to Winter

I ordered in June 2015. I suppose a few more months can’t hurt?

Mine slipped as well. Ordered on Feb 18 2015.

WayTools should include a year with the entries from order status. And I’m shure, in 3 months we will see “ship window spring”…

No need to be so negative, I personally don’t care if there are almost no updates any more if their time and effort is spent working on the textblade instead. After all, it might ship in winter, the only question is what year :wink:

Hmm. After nearly 3 years it’s kinda hard not to be a little negative.


Mine just moved from Winter to Spring. However, I did receive a TREG call last Thursday!


Weird, mine still says Fall. I ordered March 9th, 2015. /shrug

Anyway, I also have been recently accepted into TREG … waiting as patiently as I can for a shipment email …


Good, more testers! Usual info needed for the list - country, layout, and what devices you’ll be using it with.

US, Colemak, iOS/Mac mostly, but also deal with Windows computers on a regular basis

Slipped to Winter for me, too. Ordered January 16, 2015. No TREG call for me yet, though… As I type in French and English, I would love to see how the TB handles multiple languages. Maybe I’ll get the call at some point.

Did you get a call about the possibility of being in treg or actual acceptance?

Ordered 3/15/15. Slipped to winter. No Treg invite or call (or response to email inquiry recently). Still waiting, but skepticism lingers.


I’m like Gregg above. Ordered Jan 2015, winter window, and no TREG invite on the horizon. It does get depressing. I think I’ve been through all the 7 phases long ago. Right now I’m just ambivalent at best, any excitement long dead. But I’ll stick it out anyway, in the off chance they ship before I’m dead. Which is a distinct possibility, I’m pushing 60.


Ordered March 13 2015. Still waiting for release or TREG. This is quite the running joke among my friends.


Ordered 26 March 2016; held off for a long time; saw they were shipping TREG so I thought it wont be long now and jumped in…

Oh well; my little boy who was born a few days before is fast approaching 2 years. How time flies.

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Order on 01/27/2015 and it also slipped to Winter. So far, no TREG either.

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Overly optimistic here, but any plans to ship Christmas Eve would have required Fall to slip to Winter on the status page.

Hope springs eternal…


Ordered in mid-February of 2015, my order just slipped from “Fall” to “Winter”. :neutral_face:

No TREG calls for me. :disappointed: