My Ship Window Just Slipped to Fall

I was mistaken when I made my last post about the ship window slipping to Summer, but this time there is no mistake. My order info is right there alongside the Fall ship window (it said Summer just a couple of days ago). I purchased November 28, 2016.

Did everyone shift to Fall? If not, then it looks like they are getting ready to actually ship.

Mine is still summer. I ordered March 7, 2015.

As much as I don’t like that my window moved to Fall, I’m glad it did. It looks like we are being separated into batches for delivery based on purchase date.

Checked mine (including a refresh of the page) and I’m still at Summer

What was your purchase date?

first time ordering was march of 2015 cancelled 2/2016 reordered 3/2016… not sure where that actually places me in the line…

Here is a screenshot to show that I didn’t make another mistake!


I ordered on March 2015 and my status page still says Summer. Hopefully this is good news. Summers are when I most hoped to take advantage of the textblade with camping activities.

I agree that is a positive step by Waytools.
My ship window still says summer, at this point there should be sufficient time to meet the estimated shipping window. Whether that happens or not remains to be seen…

Very interesting. It might be a little prank just for you @PT_Ken.

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That occurred to me… :worried:

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Yeah, unless some other people are seeing this, they might just be f***ing with us.

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I think most of the people in this forum have been here for a long time. I’d like to see if there is at least one other later-purchase with a Fall estimated delivery date. The other thing is my page now has the account and delivery info at the top of the window. There is no longer the long update first with my information all the way at the bottom. I think this is another good sign that they are readying for release.

Well, one can hope…

Hi, I ordered in January 2017, and my ship window is FALL as well, hope this is good news as you think.

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Okay, so far we have a November 2016 and a January 2017 that changed to the fall. Those which say spring are very early orders in March 2015. So we really need a lot more reports to find the dividing line as well as to see if this is consistent.

Also, it is worth noting that my status page still requires scrolling way down to near the bottom to see the shipping info. Are all the fall estimates different or what?

Ordered 24/04/15 showing as shipping summer

I just viewed my page from a different computer. It still says Fall, so that’s consistent, but I now had the whole Update that I had to scroll through before seeing my order status at the bottom of the page. I’m filing that one as a strange browser refresh problem…

@dabigkahuna: I have 27Jan2016 and get summer. @swilsonmn seem to even have march 2016 and summer. So somewhere during 2016 we shall be able to find it.

As @MartynAS also have fall I think we can scrap the prank theory. I now see two other theories.

  1. Waytools are getting closer to shipping and have a better picture of both production capacity and shipping date.
  2. They always divided in some sort of chunks and this is the first time it becomes visible based on the date they believe they will start shipping.

I vote for #1!

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I’d like 1 to be the one, but I guess it may be 2

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