My order got stuck - please help

Hi @waytools, I asked for a refund in September, but on my order page it still says: we are processing your refund, please try again later.
I’ve contacted the support team as well, but no reponse.
Order: GLG L8NK HRP.
What am I doing wrong, or what do I need to do?
Any guidance/update would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Bilal - it looks like your order got stuck during a hiccup at the card-clearing service provider

Our server submitted the refund instruction, but did not acknowledge it correctly. We saw a few cases like this last fall, but they have since resolved the glitch.

For any record that got glitched, we’re able to manually correct it on the phone together with you. Let us know your time zone and we’ll set up a call to help by phone. It’s very quick to do.

If your card has changed, no worries, we can send the credit to any card you choose.

We’ll contact you by email to arrange the call.

Thank you,

WayTools Team

Good talking to you in UK today Bilal. You should be all set now.


Thank you. Likewise.
Yes, there shouldn’t be a problem.

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