My latest conspiracy theory

We’re all part of an experiment. Reminiscent of the movie The Magic Christian (1969) starring Ringo Starr and Peter Sellers. Crazy rich people were invited to take a cruise on a ship that, it turned out, was simply a structure in a warehouse. I urge you all to find a copy and watch it ($3.99 to rent on Amazon). I’ve noticed people on this forum posting about how they’ve been in restaurants using their TextBlades and folks have come up to them to admire/berate/whatever… but has any of this actually happened? Do Treggers actually exist? Doesn’t the evidence point to an elaborate hoax? We’re currently in Stage 2 of the Hoax. Stage 1 was initial activity on the forum and websites with regular updates that got us all hooked. Stage 2 was less activity in the forum and no updates… clearly designed to see how long we’ll remain patiently glued to our screens hitting “refresh” to see if anything’s changed. Essentially, we’re the lab rat that keeps pressing at the food lever but no food comes out… how long before we go sniffing elsewhere? Stage 3 will be when all WayTools activity stops, and they’ll again look to see how long it takes before the last of us discretely move off to pastures new. Let’s face it, the TextBlade is a great idea EXCEPT for being unusable on your lap. Unlike a laptop or an iPad… Do I want one? Yes. Do I care that it’s several years late? No. Has the vaporware equivalent of the Magic Christian - a fantastic piece of satire - been worth the admittance fee? Hell yeah!!


LOL! From time to time I consider putting up a thread which would try to cover every theory, no matter how crazy, just to have them all in one spot. Maybe even analyze some for potential. Don’t know if I’ll ever actually do it, but yours is one that has been brought up before. At least generally the same thing - that it is all a social experiment to see how long people will put up with waiting for something that isn’t going to be delivered, but the device is fake too!

When this was first brought up, I did address it - pointing out that the product was way too polished, even if you only consider the physical construction, for it to be a social experiment. Because all that work to get it that good, even with the issues it had, would cost way to much money when they could have done the same experiment and simply never let anyone see it.

Some people, after all, had said the videos were fake!

But you brought in an extra wrinkle - that the treggers don’t exist as actual testers. Just WT employees (which HAS been claimed! - just not tied together with the claim of fake videos.

So, it almost works as a wild theory. Certainly people could claim to be testers. And even if they met someone who posted here that they saw it, well, they could be fake too! Likewise the video of the open house back in 2015. All really in on the experiment and fake videos of the device. Unless 100% of the people on earth saw one in person, that kind of argument could be made.

But there are two places where it doesn’t work very well. One was when a MacRumors reporter got to use it. It doesn’t make much sense that MacRumors would be part of such an experiment because they’d get in a lot of trouble with their regular readers if later on they admitted the TB didn’t even exist and they were playing psych games with their viewers. Same thing with the writer for Apple Insider. They’d have to be willing to sacrifice their reputation completely in the field they work in.

But you came close - in a kind of far out way! :slight_smile:

Oh, wait, maybe YOU are part of the experiment! Yeah, I can see it now. You post about people who have seen it not being real. Then in a little while, you are added to Treg and come back, announcing that you theory was wrong and talking about how great the TB is. Because by already putting out the idea of it being an experiment, changing your mind later would make you more believable!

Don’t worry, I won’t tell. :slight_smile:

Do any of us?


As to the notion that we’re all in some kind of a grand simulation - we prefer reality.

If you wanted to do some weird psychology experiment, it’d be way simpler just to do cgi media, rather than tool and build a real product.


Mine is the unit running Picard and Data discussing philosophy and life in the background. I need the firmware upgrade so we can add Q to the mix!

You’ll need to alter the universal constant, but then you should be good to go!


My TextBlade already has a Q.


As an employee apparently, I’d like to point out that my pay hasn’t arrived for the last couple of years.