My crazy typing style - a video

I learned to type way before my fingers were able to reach the keys. I type with just five fingers in total (including thumbs). As far as everything but the shift keys and spacebar goes, I type with THREE FINGERS. Despite that, I average over 80wpm, and have scored as high as 100wpm. I’ll be doing some type speed testing today for future reference.

This video shows two different views (overhead and profile) while typing on each of these devices: an iPad Pro, two different MacBooks, and an HP ZBook.


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That is similar to how I type and why I want to learn to touch type.
Because to type like this and reach those distances you need to look at the keyboard a little and with the TB as it will be covered by your hands it will get to be more difficult I guess.

I type maybe with more fingers but also move the hands around and do not use the pinky at all.

I took a few lessons already and it is not that hard, but it will requiere a ton of practice to create the muscle memory. The only weird part is utilizing fingers to type keys you used to type with others.

My pinkys are now exausted…

So I took a few quick typing tests just to get a feel for my typing speed. I should note that my right wrist is almost recovered from a bad sprain. I don’t think it had much of an impact on typing speed, but it is possible.

HP Work Laptop: 83wpm
iPad with Smart Keyboard: 82wpm
12” MacBook: 82wpm
15” Retina MacBook Pro with TouchBar: 80wpm
iPhone (typing on the screen): 54wpm