My Bucket List vs. Refund

I’ve had a bucket list for some time now, and I’ve begun checking them off more aggressively lately, having had a couple of almost dirt naps (superbug infection, heart transplant). The TextBlade has been on that list since I ordered it a long, long time ago. It appeared to be the perfect keyboard for my work as an electronic composer, which I noted in a few earlier posts. It certainly would be even more helpful lately as I’ve had to downsize my studio due to mobility issues, and working surfaces are at a premium (see the photo of my Barcalounger Studio).

I regretfully have started the process of obtaining a refund. I would greatly prefer the TextBlade itself, but if TREG is not in the cards for me, and my longevity is questionable, a refund is the logical choice. Hopefully, WayTools will read this and take pity on an old coder/codger.

Best to all!