My book is out on Amazon - Typed on a TextBlade

I have just published my book “A String of Pearls” on Amazon (available here: as ebook and here: in printed format).

The whole book was created on an iPad and typed on a TextBlade, with the exception of the final layout, which was done in Affinity Publisher and Amazon’s own Kindle Create app. I used Ulysses for the writing itself and Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer for the illustrations. Had Affinity Publisher been available for the iPad (it will hopefully arrive next year) I could have done everything for the printed version on the iPad. With the TextBlade always with me, I even managed to write snippets on my iPhone while on the train or when roaming around our rainforest.

It feels we are getting very close to the truly mobile work environment I have always dreamt of. When my current iMac retires I don’t think I will replace it, not even with a MacBook. Of course by then I do hope to have the release version of the TB, including some of the extra gadgets they have been talking about, such as the tray-like contraption to be able to use it anywhere and the USB charging cable for those typing marathons that happen when the inspiration strikes.

For now, I’m just very happy the book is done. And grateful to WayTools for making the process of creIng it a bit easier and a lot more enjoyable.


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@TookiTheGreat Glad you were able to use the mythological device to create a real world product which is already available to the PUBLIC.