MultiMap as a Chrome extension :)

Check it out, Chrome will provide a way for Javascript to directly talk to Bluetooth 4.0 devices!

A Chrome extension? Sure, but how about also as an ordinary web page?

Since @waytools is planning to have an app-store-ish server anyway…

Hmmm, but something needs to talk to the TB. So if they make a web page that prepares the configuration and then writes to the dongle that would work I guess…

Based on my somewhat limited knowledge, a Chrome extension seems a lot like a locally-hosted web page with some special CORS sauce.

Pretty much the chrome extension would open a local file on the computer as the web page, and you configure it and it does its thing. Waytools just has to write the code to configure the TextBlade through JS.

Wmertens always finds the coolest stuff!

This is great news from Google, and will accelerate our development for Android (really good thing for MaggieL).

Starshadow - yes. Very cool possibilities with this.

Surely somebody besides me is on Android…

Be aware of course that there are currently no plans to support Chrome Extensions on mobile devices.

Considering WebBluetooth is still a draft

And this API is apparently only supported on Chrome OS M45, and that only partially:

it will likely be quite some time before you see this API in Chrome on OSX, Windows or Android…and thus it’s unlikely to be available on Android soon enough to influence your software design before release.


True… still, if it makes it into Chrome that’s a great way to support a whole bunch of operating systems… Operative word indeed “if”.

Given that it’s a W3C Community effort, we’ll eventually see it across many browsers, I’d think.

Track feature (and platform support) status here:

Interesting! I gave the jsfiddle linked in the demo a try on my android with web bluetooth enabled but it couldn’t find any devices, although I have a HRM and a watch.
So either the jsfiddle is wrong ( or it doesn’t work yet :slight_smile:

You’d have to be pretty hardcore to be running your everyday carry on “tip of tree”.

Time passes, and now…