Modifying Digest Emails

This isn’t really a rant, but I don’t see a category for this. I had decided to just acquiesce and let the TB ship or not, and I would be pleasantly surprised when it happened. But, a couple of months ago, the forum decided that I wasn’t allowed to forget and keeps trying to pull me back in by sending me digest emails once a week or so.

I don’t see how to turn it off, but I definitely don’t want reminders. I just want to patiently go about my day until, surprise, I have a text blade in the mail or I think “Gee, I wonder what’s going on,” and check the forum.

@Waytools, how do I turn off the new forum digest functionality?

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Thank you, sir. Somehow I overlooked the big bold “Emails” and had only clicked on Notifications. Too many other things going on, I guess.

Hope everyone has a great week!


Thanks PT_Ken for helping busoluv👍🏼

In your defense “Emails” is only bold after you click on it.

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No problem. I run my own Discourse forum, so I’ve answered this question before. :wink: