Mechanical Keyboards

Made a second one and love typing on it, here is a photo of it.


A mouse keyboard combination on kickstarter.
Their video is funny and a little strange.

I loved my ancient IBM mechanical keyboard. To date, it was the one I had the most fun typing on - for some reason the loud clicks it made with every key press felt like they helped me go faster. I liked the sound and found that the faster I typed the more I liked the sound, so it kind of encouraged me to go faster and faster. I used that keyboard on my AT connector computers, then later I had an AT to PS/2 adapter to connect it to my PS/2 connector computers. And finally I added a PS/2 to USB adapter to connect it to my USB connector computers (it was a Frankenstein thing with two adapters in series, lol).

At this point though, Iā€™m really done with the huge noisy keyboards. I value portability and connectivity (ie, multiple device connectivity) above all else. This has made it such that Logitech is pretty much my ONLY option right now as they have a wide line of triple device connecting bluetooth keyboards.


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