Mechanical Keyboards

I sold my Planck very shortly after and am now using a Dactyl at work and a 60% Atreus at home.

Been using them both for months and months now, I love them both. I created a custom layer switching profile using the TextBlade one as a base. If you aren’t a TREG user and would like to use some of those optimised shortcuts immediately, then I urge you to make your own board!

My Dactyl keyboard

And my Atreus in all its glory:

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I don’t get the attraction of these two keyboards - the Dactyl and the Atreus. They’re big, the opposite of easily portable. They both appear to require substantial movement and stretching of the fingers. What are their value propositions? There’s something vaguely steam punk about them so that’s cool, but nothing says “gotta have it.”

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I’m with you. I don’t get the attraction either. They are cool in a steam punkish view, but not something I could ever say “I gotta have that”.

I do appreciate that not everyone’s tastes will match my own, and appreciate that @RominRonin loves them. That’s all that really matters.


@RominRonin Thanks for the input. I’ve ordered all the bits and am waiting for them to arrive so I can start building. I’m basically gonna build a split planck and take it from there.

I like the keyboards you have built. I think however, if I attempted something similar I would try a more vertical orientation so that the hands do not have to be in a pronated position. Maybe I will one day.

To all those that don’t get it, I think one of the benefits of these keyboards is the pure satisfaction of having built it yourself. Having input in the design and the firmware. Plus maybe having a keyboard no one else can use :wink:

And I can build mine way before I’ll ever get a Text Blade.


I can appreciate that part of it. It’s basically down to personal enjoyment in building it and making it your own. That’s all that really matters.

The race is on!!! :wink: Please keep us informed as to which (complete, usable) keyboard arrives first.


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Lol, will do!

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Let me know if you need any help on that front!

Thank you! I’m spending some off my precious weekend polishing the steel plates which I’m not really looking forward to.

How far did you get with your text blade inspired firmware? Is it QMK based?

Yes, I find QMK easier to work with, and easier to read (As a developer).

The firmware (for each of my boards) gets more and more refined with time. My alpha keys and main function layers are all setup nicely. I occasionally adjust a key or two, mostly media keys, volume keys etc.

The only major thing is like to add is a switch for windows/Mac keycodes. MacOS is my default, so certain shortcuts don’t function correctly when I use Windows, where the main shortcut enabler is the control key. I’d like to have a swich for that.

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I’ve not looked much at the firmware side of things yet, but will do soon. I expect I’ll spend a long time fine tuning mine also.

I use Linux pretty much exclusively, so that’s one less complication to deal with.

Ok I’m done!

Not sure about the usable bit though, as the orthogonal layout has reduced my typing to a crawl! Love the home row cursor and edit though.

I dare say there’s things I’ll tinker with over time (it needs to be lowered for a start), but I’m gonna see how I get on with it as it is first.


Looks good. Very nice work!




Great work! If it’s too high try using a palm rest - start off with books, or move straight to bundles of M:tG cards like I did :wink:

Cheers! It bothers me more aesthetically than anything else. There is space in the sandwich to make it lower, I’ve just got to get around to taking the keys off, unscrewing and using the dremel to make the screws shorter. All doable, but later. :wink:

Thanks for the inspiration with your keyboards. I think now I have the bug!

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I’ve thought about it myself, but I’ve found that you aren’t allowed to like wireless keyboards if you like mechanical keyboards, and I want my desk as clear as possible!

Hmm. And I was wondering whether to make a Bluetooth mechanical keyboard over Christmas.

I may be a little late to the party but having switched to Colemak fairly recently (just 2 months ago), felt the need for an ergonomic keyboard. Looking at the keyboards ‘available’ I decided on a dactyl.

I just finished my building my first keyboard, a modified dactyl using gateron browns.
Been using it for just one day so far and it’s great, really comfortable to type on.
I like it so much that I am planning to make a second.
Are you still enjoying using yours RominRonin or have you stopped now that you are in TREG?

Great sub for this: