Mechanical Keyboards

That’s sure to please a lot of people. :slight_smile:

Wow that looks great - and I love how you fixed the reverse left hand stagger. I can’t believe all keyboards have that, very sad. All keyboards save the TB of course :smile:


I shared the build log on and someone shared this with me:

It’s basically a properly manufactured version of the Katana.


edit: The Katana is what I named my keyboard.

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I bet I know why you named it the Katana:

Coz’ it looks REALLY SHARP!!

So I’ve been using my keyboard for quite a while now, and - aside from the occasional double input - the TextBlade style ‘spacefn’ layer switch works fine. In fact I use the right thumb key as space/layer switch, and the left thumb button as back space/edit layer switch (home row arrow keys, cut, copy, paste etc.).

I’m pretty happy with how this first prototype worked out, and am considering a new version with an expanded thumb number of thumb buttons.

The name Katana comes from an interest in Japanese Samurai writings (Ronin anyone?), but it just happens to nod to the text BLADE :wink:


Yes, I caught the Ronin reference. But I’ll admit I was not thinking about the Blade pun. And that’s my bad since in some of the lore, a well-crafted Katana is so sharp it can even cut through time.

Cool, maybe one could be used to send Textblades back to last year.


My new Planck keyboard turned up yesterday. Ordered back in August on Massdrop, but this was built and shipped by one guy working on his own. Very happy with it.

Typed on a Planck as my Textblade has still not shipped.


Nice. When I got my Planck I created a keylayout profile that basically mimicked the TextBlade layout and was very happy with the results. I’d urge you to try one too. I can share my file with you if you like…

I’m less inclined to mimic the Textblade layout than I was six months ago. This is what I’m currently using and it seems to be working well for me:

It’s based largely on my experience using a Touchstream and a Typematrix.

I too customised my layout, I was very fond of having the space button as a layer modifier, like the TextBlade (which I later found was borrowed from the spacefn concept, over at geekhack).

How are you finding a keyboard with only one column for the pinkie?

Fine, but I wouldn’t class myself as a conventional typist.

:smile: Nor would I me.

I updated my daily layout so I use my pinkies even less (and my thumb more). I think in the long term its a better change.

Hey, @RominRonin how are you getting on with your planck?

I wish I’d have paid more attention to this thread at the time cos now I want one and the PCB doesn’t seem to be available anymore.

I was wondering how you were getting on with it long term.

I am due to receive my WASD CODE61, basically a planck but customisable, early next week. It will have Colemack key caps in my own colour choice.

RR I am very interested in your customisation as this is one of the key drivers behind my purchase: could you share a bit more information please. If possible I would like to try your files as they should map to the 61, I think.

I’ve had my planck for nine months now even though it was ordered the summer after the textblade.

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Interesting, but it’s not really a Planck as it’s not orthogonal and not 40%. Those two things are what attracted me to it in the first place. Although it is available now which makes it tempting!

How are you getting along with it?

I really like it, I use a split style layout which makes good use of stronger fingers.


Yeah, I think I’ll use a similar layout. Not sure if I’ll do that from day one though. I’ll see how I get on with the orthogonal layout first.