Measuring TextBlade adaptation time

Since we still have time before first ship, I thought this would be an interesting experiment:

  1. Go to If you already have an account, sign out or use a different browser.
  2. Keep typing in practice mode until you have enabled all letters and you are no longer practicing a single letter (you need to be able to type >35WPM for each letter, it should say “no key”)
  3. Save your stats (and maybe share them). Probably best to make screenshots.

Then, once you have the textblade, do the same thing on a fresh account/browser, and compare how long it takes to get used to the keyboard layout.

I’m interested in what keys are difficult to learn. Unfortunately there is no tracking of symbols and numbers, so if you know of a better site?

Here’s my progression for Colemak:

(actually I did this on a different computer and I can’t remember if I stopped once I got to “no key”)


It’s a good idea and I was planning something similar, but I find that site infuriating.

I hate it when they do unnatural things like hold the cursor at the location of errors. We all have the deeply ingrained behavior to hit the backspace after an error and then try for the the correct key.

On this site that means jumping back to the previous character which I now overtype with the ‘correction’, creating a second error. Sometimes I’ll even make further backwards progress chasing corrections.

I don’t get why so many of these training sites behave counter to the way typing actually works in real situations, that’s crazy!

By all means highlight the errors, play a sound, send an electric shock through the keyboard, whatever. Just don’t make the cursor behave in a strange way that necessitates learning patterns different to normal use.


Yes I agree - actually what I did for a while was “manual sudden death mode”: When I made a mistake, I hit Esc twice and that resets the sentence. It’s like trying to learn a piano piece, you play the difficult parts until you play them without mistakes.

When you do it that way, the backspace behavior doesn’t matter. I mapped Esc to my CapsLock key, so it is easy to reach…