Maximizing key usage

I’ve been hoping we could have more customization and the latest firmware lets us do it now. The original number pad lock (and edit lock) didn’t let you change any of the keys. Later they only let you change some. Now we can mess with with just about everything. So this is what I did with the number pad lock:

I wanted numbens not just in the pad on the right, but to also keep them across the top. As you can see, on the right main layer, I still have two available spots. I have not decided everything about the number pad yet.

Anyway, on the green layer on the right side, I put the comma on the same key as the period and then the four main math symbols right on the four home key positions. Should make them very easy to access. Put brackets and parenthesis on the bottom and other symbols on the top.

Now I have the the 2nd and third row on the left to do my media stuff. I paired things up logically on the two layers: Screen brighten and dim, rewind and previous track, volume up and down, fast forward and next track, play and eject. And then a mute on the bottom of the main layer.

I have 17 unused keys after all that! But I do plan to put in the two screen capture keys eventually, once I decide the best place.

And with the latest improvements, WT now lets you be in number lock mode, but still press the two keys on the left to access all the editing commands - and there are a bunch of them!

Only think I can’t do in number lock mode is enter letters!

There is one limitation - maybe necessary. I’d like to have it stay in this mode for when I’m only doing media stuff, but it will return to normal made a few minutes after you stop hitting any keys. I suppose that is to save the battery since LEDs light up when in a lock mode.


I looks good but you might want to add the exponential key on there somewhere.

As a Mac user…how would I assign a key to Command+Control+Shift+4?

This copies a part of the screen to the clipboard.

I think something like this, though I have not installed the map to test it.

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Yeah, I thought of the ^ key for math, but I don’t recall ever using it in my spreadsheets. Still, I may add it in place of one of the other symbols I don’t think I’ll use, just to make the math more complete.

For example, I’ve never used the square brackets on a spreadsheet - I’ve rarely used it in other writing, but not as part of math stuff.

I did that, put it in the function layer for testing purposes. Seemed to test fine.

While this can be done, it’s no longer necessary, as @waytools has added ‘universal’ screenshot keys to the Media layer, at the Y & H key positions.

Don’t those keys take the screen shot and put it on the desktop? I have to double check - have to go out now.

Thanks for testing!

The software has come a long way! Can’t wait for release.


My 2 cents. I use the “^” a lot of the time.

As this is @dabigkahuna’s customized map, it works for him.

You can customize yours however you like to make t more suitable for your use. I believe DBK did say there were 17 free locations for other things in his map, so maybe one of those.


Correct. But one of my reasons for posting is to see if anyone comes up with a reason to do something different. Of course, not because they personally need it a different way since that may not apply to my needs - but if they can come up with a reason that maybe I didn’t think of, that would be useful.

For example, suppose I left out the $ sign thinking that my spreadsheet cells would already be formatted that way if needed. But that symbol is also used in formulas to lock in a reference row or column. Someone may point that out and, while I don’t do that much, I would realize I still need easy access to it.

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I got back home and tested. Looks like Ubi is right - you don’t have to specifically do the coding you requested. The option they give you for copying the screen or part of a screen does put in on the clipboard, as opposed to the desktop.

So I looked into the matter of doing it the I’ve done it on the Mac before, there it copies to the desktop (cmd+shift+3 for full screen). I don’t see anything on the TB to do it in one shot, but I could program it with the three keys onto just one key. Che TextBlade app will just show the “3” on the screen if that one, while the ones WT built in will show an icon to symbolize what you are doing. Important thing is you can get it done either way.