Mapping based on absents of hand in the home row!

I wrote another topic about how I use the mouse with the keyboard on a desktop. That lead me to the idea that the Textblade could (possibly?) detect if the left or right hand “rests / is near” to the left or right homerow / keys.

The idea would be that the mapping of the keys in the left part of the TextBlade change to something else if the right part has not the hand “near it” (or resting on the keys as it usually would be).

If the right hand is at the mouse or trackpad this would then allow to remap the left keys to something else like modifiers “ALT / CTRL / SHIFT / CMD” and COPY & PASTE, maybe also ALT+TAB / Desktop and Tab Switching. For example I have “Tabs” of nearly all applications I use switch with ALT+CMD and LEFT/RIGHT Cursor keys (partly using Karabiner to make that work in Applications which allow no remapping natively).

That could also be used for gaming. Where you get cursor keys or WASD style and QWER and Number 1234 as directly mapped keys when the right hand leaves position, whereas you could easily chat with your team or type stuff as soon as the right hand returns).

Similarly one could create a mapping for the right side of the keyboard to get “commandos” onto the keys. like if you move the left hand “in the air” the right side gets an alternate mapping.

I think the ‘detection’ should wait for some time until it switches the layout in absence of the hand.

If that is not possible or does not work in practice… It could also work with “long / short” keypress.

For example I have “switch desktops” on my mac on the right alt / control keys so that if I only press ALT or CTRL alone it goes forward / backward between my full-screen applications.


Actually that’d be useful for cursoring around… I often use only one hand to move around the document. One of those 10 spaceblade LEDS is probably used for edit mode, so it could light up if the right hand is on the keys but not the left hand.

Although in reality, what I do most is scroll and tap with one hand. Still hoping for scroll emulation :smile:

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That would be an awesome way to re-map. When I have my left hand on the keyboard and the right on the trackpad, I’d want it to do easy photo editing or modifier keys, but if I’m only using the right side of the keyboard, it should turn into the number pad!


Considering the TB has multitouch keys, would using the keys or the SpaceBlade as the touchpad be possible? It’s fairly similar to this