Macbook pro without ESC key

I have been waiting for more than a year to replace my 6 year old macbook pro. Now, I hear apple has removed the ESC key on the machine that will be introduced tomorrow. (I need this key for my emacs habit). So, it is even more important that TextBlade ships so I can fully map my own keys.

or, I can become the first TREG user on the 2016 macbook pro!!!


perhaps remap the caps lock key?

Actually, the Esc key is supposed to be in the new touch toolbar

You can also try ctrl+[ to send the ESC key code. This works for me in VIM using a normal keyboard in Linux (I am not sure about on a Mac - don’t have one).

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What do you use Esc for in emacs? I remapped Esc to Caps for evil mode, but in vanilla I don’t remember using it a lot

Maybe instead of being concerned about rumors and believing some nonsense, you should have waited until the next day and you would realize Apple have NOT abandoned the ESC key (sheez) and have better plans for its use😱.
So hang on, your going to buy a new 2016 MBP and then use a TB? WTF? WT brown noser much?? Give me a break…the things people say to become a tregger.:thinking:

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Yup, why not? At work my laptop is in a raised stand, so I type on a bluetooth one. I’m probably getting a MBP16, not totally convinced but my Air is already 3 years old (the GPU is underwhelming, since I wanted a CUDA capable one and AMDs are tough on it, also it’s not even top of the line). I’ll probably have the MBP before I get a TextBlade though (things I got while waiting for a TB: PhD, job in London with lots of trips to Barcelona, iPad Pro + Pencil, iPhone SE, new house… Macbook Pro is probably next in line, 95% likely I suspect)

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with the TB you get a gain in productivity

Yes, Ctrl+[ is equivalent to Esc in emacs on Linux or Mac. That would take some time to get used to. Since I have a 2015 MacBook Pro I will not be upgrading but while watching the Apple event yesterday I was thinking about how the “lack” of a “regular” Esc key would affect me.

I always use an external keyboard when using the MacBook at a desk for any extended time. No, I do not want to become a Tregger and I am not sure how I will like the TB, but I do check the forum every day and am eagerly awaiting delivery of my order placed March 9, 2015.

ESC can be used to access Meta keys - e.g. Esc, x does the same as Meta-X.

I know, but I have only ever used it for SSH sessions, and now I just use tramp or sshfs (or vim remotely) if I need remote editing

Something I use all the time is Control-x, ESC, ESC which means repeat-complex-command - you can scroll through a list of recent actions and redo them. very handy.

Oh, interesting! Thanks for the pointer

Note that there is no ‘physical’ esc key

However the Touch Bar can ‘in theory’ still allow you to have all your esc and other esoteric key strokes you want

What I would prefer is if the Touch Bar was actually user configurable, rather than relying on app developers to figure things out. At least then I could have the Touch Bar have things that would be useful to me for an app that isnt’ supported.

I use a lot of terminal emulators so I NEED all those bizarre esoteric keystrokes that no one else really uses. I have an entire workflow that requires Shift+F6 to work or it wont’ even save the database fields. ITs also why I can’t use most ‘portable’ keyboards since they rip out the F1-F12 keys.

If its not user configurable in any way that would be very very bad…

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I would probably kill myself trying that combination while using vim…

i don’t know what flexibility it has but they did say it was customizible

Just an update on this thread. The new macbook pros were introduced on Oct 28, but after looking at specs and at the new 13in mpb available at the apple store, I decided to get the old 2015 model. The main reason (other than being able to take the new one home today) was the horrible keyboard on the new mbp’s. The keyboard reminded me of the ‘IBM PC Jr’ of 1985. Possibly, I may have decided differently had the textblade been available to me. For now, my use case for the textblade is pretty slim. Thinking about cancelling ny order from March 9 2015… (although my purchase of a mbp proves money isn’t the issue).

I am curious why you would cancel your Text Blade order. Since Apple is focused on thinner and thinner keyboards it seems this only increases the future usefulness of the Textblade.

Indeed, having worked on my MBP 15 retina (2015) for a full day, I already miss my old 2010 MBP 13 keyboard. And the newer MBP (at least the 13 inch without touch bar that already is available) has an even worse butterfly keyboard, with very little travel. I really do like the new touch force trackpad on my mac. A bluetooth device with a Textblade-like keyboard and a touch force trackpad would be ideal (maybe a new kickstarter project…, Waytools?)

So, I will not cancel, I will wait for textblade. If I had gotten the textblade in time, I probably would have chosen a small macbook, a large external screen, and a cloud solution for my computational needs. Hopefully Waytools will ship before I need to replace my new macbook in 2020-21.

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