Lounging and typing on the TB

Toddler at daycare.
Fireworks purchased.
Grill cleaned.
68 degrees F and sunny.
All chores completed.
On annual leave.
Flowers blocking view of Mt. Rainier :frowning:

Great to type on the TB while lounging.

That Grifiti deck looks good. Nice and sturdy?

Low Carbon Splendor … Priceless.

For everything else, there’s MasterCard.

:ok_hand:t3::+1:t3::blush: Happy 4th of July Derek :us::us::us:

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Life is good with a TextBlade. Happy Independence Day Derek.

Yes, it is sturdy. I use it all the time. On trains, planes, in the park, in bed, etc. I bought a small version designed for 11 inch laptops and it fits my 9.7 ipad and the TB perfectly.