Left side of spacebar for backspace

Will it be possible to remap the spacebar and, for example, use the left side for backspace? Considering the extreme minimalist design of the Textblade, it would seem like an essential feature to be able to divide the spacebar into two separate keys (in addition to the functional keys which, I understand, will/may become available on either extreme end). This would especially be the case when typing in languages, such as my native Norwegian, which contain more letters than the English alphabet does.

From playing around in the app, you can almost do this - you can create a custom version of a keymap, and it will allow you to assign keys to several places along the bottom of the spaceblade. (It looks like maybe 7 - outside corners, center, then under V, B, N, and M.)

Right now I don’t see a way to assign any control keys other than Return. (A symbol is put in the spot when hitting Return, but nothing for shift, backspace, or 123.)

@waytools - is the above (inability to assign backspace when editing a map) a bug or a feature here?

Thank you for that bit of info. So as soon as they’ve sorted out the issues you were referring to, it should be possible to use one (small) part of the spacebar for backspace. That, I think, is sort of good enough, although in terms of overall design, there’s no reason why the whole spacebar, outside of those special areas, shouldn’t be divided into two separate areas, with―if the user so desires―separate functionalities.

As for difficulties with assigning certain functionalities to the functionality keys, perhaps it’s possible to use the textblade with other software as well. I’m currently using an app called “External Keyboard Helper Pro” for an Android platform. With that I can assign to my bluetooth keyboard pretty much any letter, symbol, or functionality to any key that has its own key code.