Learning Colemak

While I’m still beginning, I’ve found this simple site to be terribly helpful:


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For debian linux users here is how to configure things : http://www.circuidipity.com/colemak-debian.html
It’s already installed in debian linux so it’s very easy.
setxkbmap us -variant colemak

Or just put as 2 aliases in your .bashrc file so you can easily switch to colemak and back to qwerty again just by typing asdf in a terminal.
alias asdf=“setxkbmap us -variant colemak”
alias arst=“setxkbmap us”

I just did Colemak lesson 1. I will do lesson 2 tomorrow.

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I like this page for practicing colemak. http://first20hours.github.io/keyzen-colemak/

I’ve given up on learning it. I’m at 90-100 wpm on qwerty and even with continued practice I’ve never broken 50 in colemak and generally I’m at closer to the mid 30s. Despite its advantages I just can’t give up the productivity.

How long have you been trying it?

I gave it 6 months or so.

Well, that’s a long time. I’m surprised you didn’t get faster.

I am now typing using the Coiemak layout for my day to day use, although I still type slowly with this configuration at the moment, I am truly touch typing and with continued practise my speed will no doubt improve.

Linux has a number of free typing tutors in the repositories, I used gtypist which has lessons for many layouts including qwerty, dvorak and colemak.

While I had hoped to learn on the textblade, I figured that I would be better off learning now than waiting… which seems to have proved to be a good choice.
I am now considering if it might also be a good idea to buy a more ergonomic keyboard, again because I want to use something better than the current mediocre set-up that I have.

I am unsure how fast I was on qwerty, I think I hit 90wpm but I never really tried on a “regular text test” like http://keyhero.com. On that, with Colemak and the TB, I’m in the high 60s consistently and I very slowly get better.

I switched to Colemak to get rid of my bad typing habits and also because the missing semicolon on the home row was very hard to get used to. I’m happy I made the switch but it did take quite a while indeed.

One thing that I’m sure really helps me when learning: I set up a combo that is very easy to type, which clears the last word (space+backspace on TB).

That way, whenever I type a mistake, I delete the whole word and then I type it from the start. If I type it wrong again, I keep typing it until I can type it without mistakes 3 times in a row.

This deliberate practice makes sure my muscle memory has clean test data to work with, and it also focuses on the words I use.