Lap-top use with laptops or tablets

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@waytools Let’s discuss :smile:

I fully intend to use my TB for my laptop, and in fact it made me consider the Surface Pro as my next system.


I agree. Pretty much the only thing that has kept me connected to laptops is the keyboard. If I have a better keyboard that I can fold up and put in my pocket, there’s no reason not to go with a tablet for a daily driver.

Also, I can’t believe the type cover is more expensive than the Textblade. The Textblade has four microcontrollers, big fancy magnets, works way better, and it’s 30 dollars cheaper. The Textblade looks like it should cost $100, the type cover looks like it should cost half that or less.

EDIT: Forgot to say that now all we need is a good way to use it on our laps. :blush:


Wmertens and JT - good thread, thank you.

The lap is a distinct context, which deserves its own optimization. We have a solution that we think is much better than what is practiced today.

Before we unveil that product, you can use a smartcover for the tablet, or a thin book or pad. The iPad cover works on lap as a base for TextBlade (though very suboptimal).

So here’s a question for the group -

In percentage terms, where do you need lap mode most for TextBlade?

  • Couch (at home / office)

  • Transit (bus, train, other)

80 - 20? 50 - 50? … you tell us what area matters most for your use case.

Your voice matters in how we complete our solution.

I am probably in the 80-20 bracket, but I can see others putting more emphasis on use while in transit.

70/30 for me, and I also intend to use it as specially as I go. Its small form-factor is its greatest benefit for me… all the added great things it has (being programmable, greatly designed) are awesome additions

I would use it 70% couch, 5% transit, 25% sitting on a bed in a hotel room

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Not sure if I’m in the minority or not, but my laptop use tends to be couch oriented; that said, I think if I used public transit more (I’m walking distance from most things I do), I’d probably change my answer. I’m probably in the 85 couch - 15 transit range on when I’m typing.

50-50 home and university.

Charmaex - are both home and university on a couch?

If you divide into couch and transit, how does it come out for you?

100% couch, 0% transit, unfortunately, at least until WayTools builds a self-driving car… :wink:

couch/transit is 95/5 for me, but it’s been 60/30 in the past…

Couch/transit 90/10 for me. As I don’t know the solution in mind it’s hard to imagine if you differentiate couch use into lap-use sitting up or casual couch use laying down?

Most of my “away from tables” usage would definitely be sitting up lap-use (transit, in the university auditorium, cafes etc). When you’re at home/class/transit or other places without raise/lower tables, I find the most natural and relaxed shoulder/arm ergonomic position with keyboard (and/or mouse) fully relaxed in lap position. I use the Apple Smart leather cover. As for now this leaves me with the compromise of having ipad resting on the table/lap in order to naturally reach the keys. My notes in class have never been better but ergonomics have actually worsened compared to traditional laptops. You want the screen standing high in front of you, as it would in landscape with the textblade stand, with keys in your lap. The same goes for the laptop - it puts too much strain on your neck if you’re constantly looking down. And for guys the heat from the laptop is something you should definitely try to avoid hitting your lap.

Couch use is tricky because it implies a lot of different kinds of usage. Lying down with the iPad on my stomach, I would have the TB behind the iPad in the blind. Another example is having the iPad on the couch table, reading a book and taking notes with the TB on my abdomen just in front of the book. Does this make sense compared to the solutions in mind or are you looking for completely different usage facts entirely?

I think I have about 90/10 couch/lap use, but I’m probably overestimating the time in transport.

Realistically it’s probably more like 95/5.

Looking forward to seeing what y’all have in mind. :wink:

So far, it’s pretty consistently leaning toward couch use.

And for most of us, would that be the couch at home?

As far as I’m concerned, couch at home. :smile:

That’s what most of us do as well.

I don’t think I’ll use it without a table.
Furthermore most of the time I’m driving with a scooter or motorbike so it’s nearly impossible to use it in transit.
I’ll definitely use it while traveling. In the daily life 100% couch (or to specify at a desk)

Another vote for heavy couch use at home. I was considering making a board that covers my laptop keyboard and sit the TextBlade on that :smile:

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90% couch, 10% transit.

So far, a pretty strong validation of the hypotheses.

Now if it stays near the couch at home as its primary venue, what is the main attribute you are looking for? Rank these:

A. Solid, shudder-free feel.

B. Stable with all devices (phones / tablets)

C. Adjustable display angle

D. Palm rest

E. Uncluttered appearance

F. Light weight for portability

List the letters you want in order of priority. Leave off the don’t cares.