Keyboard Tutor Software or Website Typing School


I learned to touch type using Mavis Beacon years ago on a PC. Now I have a Mac and am always tripping over the @ key and some of the more obscure commands. The Waytools keyboard looks like it has a number of ‘special’ keystrokes, and with the numbers being a row below, I am guessing I will have to learn to type all over again.

A software ‘tutor’ would be a great help in this respect. I am thinking of a learning package that makes you familiar with the new keystrokes and gets you to speed up as you progress. Just a thought.


there are a bunch of typing tutors in the chrome web store - nicely cross platform and already functional. I’m sure one of the authors can be convinced to accommodate the TextBlade (for a fee or a lifetime supply of textblades of course :wink: ).

I just finished going through every post Waytools has made both in forums and blogs, etc, and watched all the videos. I’m more amazed by this product now than I was originally!

But you’re right. I really think after this thing ships, they really should look at an app for i-devices and computers that let you practice. Not for the normal stuff, though that should be included, but to specifically get people used to using the things that are different. Like stuff via the green layer. And using the key combos for Command, Control, etc. I used Mavis Beacon too, first to learn qwerty and then Dvorak. But I think it and others I’ve seen would need some adjustment to properly train for this keyboard.

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