Japanese text input thoughts

On my MacBook, I have my keyboard setup with the Japanese IME to switch to Japanese input mode when caps lock is on (turning it into a language switch for all practical purposes), and I wonder if there’s some way to remap the green “home” button to caps lock, at least when connected to a computer.

The other thought I’ve been mulling involves actually typing in Japanese mode — how practical would it be for there to be a way to switch the apostrophe key to input a hyphen in Japanese input mode? Apostrophes aren’t a thing in Japanese text, while the hyphen key (to indicate a long vowel in a loanword) is used with the same sort of frequency as, well, apostrophes in English.

Of course, I have no idea how you’d go about changing the Bluetooth keyboard’s signals being sent when the OS language input setting changes, nor even if it’s possible at all in, say, iOS in the first place…

Not to hijack the thread, but I had been wondering the same thing about the Korean key mapping. I know they have Korean key caps, but I decided to wait till the blades actually shipped before executing the order for these language specific caps.

Any TREGERS using alternate languages?

It is not quite what you are asking, but I have been playing with the multimap capability and from what I have tried so far it is relatively trivial to remap any individual key to something different to the supplied keymaps (you can try this out in the TextBlade app by creating Custom keyboard layouts based on existing ones as a starting point).

In terms of switching the whole language mapping then I think that one way to achieve what you want will be to use the “jump” capability to switch between different maps on the same machine (instead of simply switching between machines). However in such a case there may be an issue with what the host now thinks is the key mapping, I am not sure as this is not a problem I have myself so am not sure how it is handled with existing keyboards.

Having said that if there is a key press that could tell the host to switch language modes then I do not see that being an issue either, although in such a case I guess one has to be able to handle the fact that any legends on the keytops may now be meaningless?

I’m also using Japanese on my iPad, iPhone.
For me the issue is jumping between languages.
On my Windows machine, there is a specific key which will cycle through the various language sets.
Jumps would be a good way of handling this if someone makes a Japanese map (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)

I seem to recall that command-space shifts between input languages in iOS if you’re on a external keyboard

I think that only works with Kotoeri.

Anyway, you can do caps lock by double-tapping the shift key, so you could probably still do that.

I’ve been lobbying for the area to the left of A to be mappable so I can put - there. As you said, cho-onpu is really really common.

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iPad and iPhone can toggle languages by using Control Space.

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THAT’s what it was! Off by two.

For everyone’s info, we just received a test version of the app that allows for mapping that dead spot to the left of A. I put - there and it makes typing western loan words a lot easier.


This sounds perfect!

I finally got around to mapping the - to the dead spot to the left of the a and as advertised, it does make typing loan words tons easier. Thanks!