It's official: I got a wife faster than a TextBlade

I can’t post new topics, so I’m asking here:

Who do I contact to have my forum account deleted? I’d like that to happen.


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wow, cynical much toward marriage?

Congrats @Henry89 and @HuntAndPeckTypist on the wives and daughters. That’s quite a nice early adopter bonus you have!! :slight_smile:

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Only 1 wife. Slacker you’ve had time for at least 2.

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The next version will allow up to 6 wives.

But don’t try to pair with them near each other as there are still known issues to be worked out with this feature.


Hey @waytools saw this topic this morning and made me laugh hard enough to loose my breath.

Who else had a game-changing life achievement while waiting for TextBlade? I’ve got married, saw the aurora borealis, now I’m renewing the house.

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Well, here’s to wives and sweethearts…may they never meet.


A lot can happen in 4+ years :smiley: … I’ve had two high schoolers go off to college, and one is about to graduate.

As for WayTools, the problem is that when they announced the TextBlade 4+ years ago, they didn’t tell everyone that it was 4+ years away from shipping. (They also probably didn’t know that it was 4+ years away from shipping. Engineers can be overly optimistic, which is simultaneously both their best trait and their worst trait.) What we thought then was a “almost ready to ship consumer product” was actually (at least in retrospect) still in an early stage of R&D.

I’m perfectly fine with that (other than the poor communication). I know that the product is actively being worked to completion, even if I don’t know what “completion” looks like. What other front row seat can you get for $99? :wink:


I really liked your optimistic point of view @cameron. Agree with you regarding poor effective communication, although existing. But lately I’ve seem a lot more action and interaction on @waytools in the forum, we can extract a lot more here than on the update page, what is not good for the overall buying public.
Well +4Y later still optimistic to put hands on a TextBlade still this year.

And also @Scaramouche here’s to wives, sweathearts, kids and accomplishments! Loved your sense of humor.

Congrats on getting married :tada:

Yeah… Early Bluetooth had a weakness where the encryption keys were exchanged in the clear during pairing and could be intercepted. This let me to state during my presentations on Bluetooth security that “It is best to do your pairing in private.” :wink:


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Me in 2015 and 2019 :blush:


You definitely look happier in 2019! :smiley:


Are you sure she’s not just a Tregger?

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Thanks, I am! (even though TextBlades aren’t shipping yet :smirk_cat:)

I wish I was (hint, hint)!

You remind me of Kathleen Wilhoite.

Yeah, but 2015 version had a cool Aperture Science shirt.

Things I got faster then a TextBlade…two boys. Almost 3 1/2 and 7 months…oh and lack of sleep, got plenty of that if anyone wants any.

Things that I’ve done faster than received my textblade:

  • Met my future husband
  • Bought a house together
  • Had a baby
  • Sold first house
  • Have another baby coming in 2 months
  • Bought some land
  • Ordered a house
  • Decided to get married
  • Ordered rings
  • Received rings
  • Getting married in 4 week, having 2nd baby in 8 weeks - both probably before textblade arrives.
  • House is delivered on site in Feb 2020 - probably before textblade arrives. :joy:

No I don’t want anyone to cancel my order for me. I decide if and when I give up.