Is this project still alive?

I am wondering if this project still is alive?
i pre orderd more than 4 years ago and i see that there still is the idea of delivering and pre ordering.
i do not hope to much people go for this scam.


Patrickgeelen - you can see from other posts on the new infrastructure firmware that there is intense work going on right now to support general release.

The reviews from customers who have TextBlade already now are pretty consistently favorable, and that it represents a significant leap forward in the performance, ergonomics, and portability of keyboards.

If you have any concern about the integrity of the work being done, it’s very simple to cancel your order and get a refund. It only takes about a minute to do it online.

Companies that scam don’t make it easy to get a refund at will, nor invest millions more to refine the product as we do. If your concern is more than just rhetorical, we strongly suggest you take the refund to resolve it.

If you’d like to participate and help accelerate general release, your order is helpful to expedite this.

We’re very grateful for your interest, and please let us know if you need any assistance.

Thank you


Hi Patrick,
Maybe you need to hear from an independent source, unaffiliated with WayTools. I can assure you that the project is alive and very well, as I type this on my 2-year-old TextBlade (actually, it’s not 2 years old, it was replaced about a year ago as the original one had issues, which is why, of course, there’s a testing period, however lengthy and inconvenient it may be).

I’ve talked with WayTools’ CEO on several occasions. I keep up active communication with other testers on a Slack forum. I’ve reported problems, done what I can to help diagnose them, gotten hardware replacements and countless software updates. I wholly support their new infrastructure as I believe in their development team and the extraordinary quality of the product.

They are alive and well. We all look forward to the general release. It is the farthest thing from a scam.


I’ve always been trying to be helpful with my order and accelerate General Release, but I was not considered for TREG. When I email about being considered for TREG, the email either goes ignored or I get a reply that basically say I cannot be on TREG through email. There is no information how the people on TREG ever get chosen. It’s like winning the damn lottery, even though WT have already responded the chances of TREG is higher than the lottery. And for all those that claim they have their TREG TB, you guys just don’t understand those whose been on this since the beginning and still haven’t laid eyes on an actual TB.

So I don’t see how our orders will actually help expedite General Release except for those whose already on TREG. And for those that’s not on TREG, it’s not helping. Our emails sent to WT support also goes mostly unanswered. So good for all of you who have an active communication with WT.

I’ve already cancelled my orders twice and just waiting for GR. I know the TB is like the Dyson or Apple of Keyboards. But the long wait for those who have pre-ordered, no support, lack of updates, and the “if you don’t like it ask for your refund” attitude are the reason why majority of us is having a trust issue.