Is it time to order again? Are they finally shipping yet?

So, its been probably well over a year since I got my refund, and over 5 years since I ordered.

Starting to wonder, are textblades shipping yet?

Or are they and will they always be vapour ware?

Will I ever be able to order and receive on in a reasonable time?

This has rather dragged on a lot, do they still exist? Why so long?

Ridiculous company and ridiculous release schedule, will it ever ever happen?


Not shipping beyond the treg units that went out long ago.

I don’t consider them vaporware, though where you draw the line would vary. After all, they did have the hardware essentially finished and it was polished.

My biggest concern about shipping is the problem with people getting refunds now. I don’t consider that to be an encouraging sign.

And the app treggers use via TestFlight is close to ending. Of course, they have always renewed it in the past, but with the poor progress on refunds, I’ll just have to wait and see if it is still renewed.

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when should this happen?

15 days. That in itself isn’t new. It normally gets updated at the last minute. I’m just worried about these failure to refund issues, even after it was pointed out. We got a few handled pretty quick, but then it pretty much stopped. With that in mind, I don’t know what to expect about anything now.

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I’m just glad it took me just a few rants and e-mails to receive my refund. I no longer trust that this is shipping.

Almost 6 years in development…


thank you. it would be good for us to know if it is renewed.

Hi All,

This is Fred here. I saw earlier comment about concern whether the TestFlight update for the Waytools app will be “renewed” for Treggers since deadline was approaching. I just wanted to report that I just got a notification to “update” it, so that process is indeed still up and working.

Like everyone here, hope to hear more updates from WayTools soon, but just wanted to let you all know that process is still up and working.



Hi Fred - yes we’ve refreshed the app authorization, so it it should be fine on your existing iOS devices.

We’re working on a recent bug that surfaced when Sendgrid, our email service provider changed their api’s, which are acking our requests to send emails, but not forwarding them as designed.

So when you try to install on a new iOS device, the authentication email gets generated by our server, but sendgrid isn’t forwarding it right now.

Will advise when resolved, in the meantime your existing iOS devices should run the app fine.

Thanks, WayTools Team