iPad - physical key for 'Send' in iMessage

I am curious to know if WayTools has found a way to have a keyboard key send a message in iMessage. Currently when chatting with people in iMessage you type your message, then lift up your hand and tap on the send button on screen. My assumption is that iOS doesn’t actually map ‘send’ to anything accessible by keyboard, and that this is impossible.
I’m excited to get my hands on a TextBlade and having this feature would propel my giddiness into a genuine evil laugh fading into the distance.

cspots - did some quick checking, and iOS apparently supports access to the send function from third party apps or keyboard extensions.

If that’s true, you could map it to any desired key with MultiMap.

Assigning it to say, the tab key might work out well. Being able to reply to texts without leaving home row would be very sweet.

@waytools, you’re absolutely sure about this? In my experience, iMessage does not respect pressing the enter key from bluetooth keyboards. I’m always forced to tap on Send key on the virtual keyboard. I’ll try tomorrow to see if they maybe have improved this in iOS 8.3 betas.

from my understanding and internet search that there is no equivalent to the send function on a keyboard with iMessage. I now use a Logitech K480 in which I can’t find an equivalent to the send button. But waytools said third party “keyboard extensions”. I didn’t install any of those. The native Apple iOS keyboard was always limited in this aspect.

At one point I had no CPU except the original iPad and that dock that would hold it in portrait mode connected to the keyboard. I did find out how to use a keyboard for send during that time: enable accessibility touch features. This allows you to ‘tap’ by pushing space bar + cmd for example, and I believe tab would cycle through touch objects available on screen.

So yes, due to apple’s accessibility investment, you can use the iPad totally with a keyboard with the proper features enabled. There is a whole section in the iPad manual on iBooks about the different key combinations that are equivalent to different actions (home button press, tap, long tap, etc. they will probably add force touch too eventually).

iOS 9 (public beta) has “send” mapped to the return key. it works with my logitech k760 & ipad mini

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I can confirm this as well, works in a few different apps, (and command-tab works the way you’d expect too!!)

For more fun, try holding down “command” in any Apple app for a few seconds, to see a list of shortcut keys available.

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It’s good that they added that, I bought a cheap keyboard before, but it became useless when the return key doesn’t send messages.

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