iOS changes stop idevices from Mac connection?

Not happy about this, though it will be a temporary problem for me.

Since updating to iOS 14, when I plug either my iPad Pro or my iPhone 11 to my Mac Mini, I get a popup saying it can’t be connected to the Mac unless I upgrade the Mac!

Right now I have Mojave on it. I do plan to upgrade to Big Sur, but this really bugs me. Has anyone else seen the same problem? if using Mojave or earlier with iOS 14?

We’re sticking with Mojave for the moment, but Apple should get a Big Sur sorted out in a few weeks.

Well, the problem I’m having is with Mojave. No idea if it will still be there with Big Sur.

I’ve done more research and others are reporting the same or similar issues, but some others claim not to have it. But they also aren’t really clear about what they base that on.

For example, they may say everything syncs properly. Well, my stuff - at least what I’ve checked - does too. The problem is just that popup.

Meanwhile, I’ve also found that in iTunes I can still bring up the listing for both devices and, at the very least, do a computer backup. So it is possible that everything actually works, but the popup shows up anyway. Which would just make it an annoyance every time I plug an iOS device in.