Imagine a textblade, built into a portable computer

So a laptop, chrome book etc. That might be a compelling USP.

I agree with WT’s conviction that people prefer tactile, responsive keys and they will always win versus screen keyboards and ‘old-style’ keyboards. And if the eventual release of TB makes waves, then this kind of thing might not be so far fetched…

@RominRonin, WTF!
(no, not “WayTool Fck” but “What The Fck”!)

Are you out of your f*cking mind? Let them first try to realize the mirage known as the TextBlade! Bringing up these type of outrageous suggestions will push back the delivery of TB’s as far as the year 3016. (Heh heh heh)

No problem. Just make sure it works with The Chip

I stopped at “Imagine a textblade…”


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@gkrash, you win!
Stupid me, missed a door wide open… LOL!

I don’t know why ever do decided to pick this topic to rage and derail, but I’d be into it. My current use-case for the textblade is to combine with my tablet to fully replace my existing laptop for working on the go.

If there were something, be it a case or a whole device, designed specifically for the textblade, I’d be intrigued but it’s hard to imagine the advantages of such a device over, for example, a case with a flat flap to put the textblade on.

@Jtrilogy: I meant it in a funny way.
I thought people would understand because I am not attacking RominRonin’s idea itself. So no rage or derail but yes, first things first, by which I mean they have to ship them TextBlades. I don’t know if there is an English equivalent but in my language there is a saying that is something like this: The true/ultimate/utter luck/happiness/joy is always in the next version. Meaning developers (inventors) will go on and on and on improving, expanding and whatever because they are never satisfied and therefor will never deliver. But in order to achieve something you have to draw a line somewhere. Developers (inventors) want to deliver something that’s near perfect, something that has it all. That is not going to work, never, ever.
So, I have no intentions of putting ideas or people down. I tried to make a joke in terms of drawing a virtual line ‘forcing’ them (WayTools) to keep focus and not be distracted by new ideas, at least not for now.
For anyone feeling offended, mea culpa.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand: I would love that and also often thought about it, replace the keyboard with a TB, use the extra real estate for palm rest and a large trackpad.

The TextBlade could “pop out” so you get the full 2mm travel but when the laptop is shut all the keys are pushed in so it still fits within 1mm or so clearance.

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Guys, they are having enough trouble combating Skynet to ship our orders as is. Let’s not cause them any more creeps to come into scope just yet!

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