iMac screwed up - upgrade to 4K

Well, might have solved the TV question. Normally the cable box has stayed on but I saw that it was off. No idea when that happened, but that at least reduces the complications a lot!

So now it looks like maybe I’m just down to a Mini issue so I’ll call Apple again.

2nd call to apple. Upgraded to a higher ranked tech. No solution found. It has worked on my old TV more often, but still not always so I chalk that up to just inconsistency. Supposed to contact their engineers and get back to me in a couple days. Frustrating!

Dbk - so mini boots and shows image on LG, but just not consistently?

Right now it working on my old TV (but sometimes it doesn’t). I’m trying to decide how much to do with it. After all, if it has to be returned, any setup stuff I do now will have to be redone! And it isn’t like I can really use it as my main computer because there really isn’t space to put it that is convenient! So that makes all the setup work very awkward.

As far as I can tell, it boots but I can almost never see anything on my LG. I had that one stretch of about 30 minutes where it was fine. And then when I clicked the display settings to default, after the screen blanked and came back on, it was no longer connected.

Besides that one time, I have had 3, maybe 4 times where I would boot it up and that process on screen for 1 to maybe 10 seconds (usually 1-2).

On the other TV, I have gone through multiple attempts without success and then suddenly get it working through repeated cable changes - and then have a failure.

I have probably, at one point or another, used 4-5 HDMI cables.

I could be suspicious of the cables for 4k, but then why does the 1080p TV often not work either? It just seems there is no logical pattern.

BTW, when the iMac was connected, it still shows up fine as long as the TV is turned on before waking the Mac. Haven’t worked out the time gap required. A few seconds wasn’t enough. I think 10 seconds worked.

Ok what hdmi cable are you using with mini?

Some are the Amazon Basics.

I have an older one that says “Rocketfish” on it. And another I can’t read the tiny type on it!

Since the 4k Apple TV works with it, I would think it wouldn’t be different with the Mini, but I really don’t know.

So you have validated the amazon basics 4K hdmi cable with the Apple TV 4K ok?

Pretty sure it was the ones you linked to.

Just for peace of mind here - From Apple’s website -

Mac computers with built-in HDMI ports

Any Mac with a built-in HDMI port can support 4K displays and Ultra HD TVs via HDMI at 3840 x 2160 at 30Hz, or 4096 x 2160 at 24Hz. Note that mirroring isn’t supported at 4096 x 2160 at 24Hz.

Additionally, the built-in HDMI port on Mac mini (2018) supports resolutions up to 4096 x 2160 at 60Hz.


This is widely practiced, and is working great on our hw here, so there’s got to be something basic that is off here.

Let’s look at cables and configs.

Okay, because I’m really confused!

Ping us on fta.

I’m probably going to feel silly when I get the answer, but what does that mean? :slight_smile:

FaceTime Audio but you’re probably already on that call…


LG works fine with 4K Apple TV and cable box, but mini stutters with both LG and other TV display.

Boots part way and then quits.

Diagnostic conclusion - mini has a defect and needs replacing.

Dbk will visit apple store to get replacement.

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Great after sales support right there @waytools


Considering all the details he’s helped us find and fix, it seemed like the right thing to do.


But the Tesla is still coming, right? :wink:

Have all the pertinent stuff packed up to take to the Apple store in the morning. We’ll see how things develop.

Yeah, the Telsa’s coming, alright :blush:

And we put some TextBlade engineering shrinko magic on it - so now it fits in the elevator.

One more thing …

You’ll need a Shriner fez hat to pilot it properly.