Idea(s) for Ver.2

Styleplague manned-up, posting a pretty gracious apology. His self-moderation saved us work, and was appreciated.

A forum to freely express all opinions works really well when folks are responsible.

Thanks for the explanation.

If you actually parsed his words, it was a weak “I apologize to those who were offended.” and not a specific apology to R or me - plus to any others who were offended. (Your acceptance of SP’s weak apology before R & I could accept it or point out the flaws very likely lead to R deciding to pushing the line further.)

Anyhow, the more important question is if you’re typing all these responses on the TextBlade and what sort of typing error rate are you seeing & what percentage of that is user error vs device error.

For your information all he really needed on the forums was an answer on his last opened thread before you kicked him out: can we have a final ship date? Guess the answer is simply “no, you can’t”
Given all these actions I’m glad I stepped out myself before being aggravated to the point of aggravating @waytools to do it for me. Still a thing to cringe at though for me. Honest communications would have prevented all this nastiness…

Wieb83zb - hopefully, you feel your freedom to change your own mind at will was respected, serviced quickly, and without hassle.

We’re honest about the residual uncertainty and publish it on each status page. Everyone chooses personally what they’re comfortable with.

We don’t think the clear dishonesty of a poster is fair to ascribe to us. Each person is accountable for their own choices.

“Just tell us the real date” gets asked of every innovator, large or small, as they overcome challenges to make it real for their customers.

The Apple Watch, the Tesla Model X, and most big advances go through this. None of those companies could say their final date until they had it all in hand, and none of them were reticent to say a date for lack of consideration for their customers. It’s in the nature of innovations big enough to be exciting that you have to overcome some uncertainty to bring it home. It’s hard, but very rewarding.

That said, we completely empathize with customers who’d like to use it today, and who wish there were no delay. The best thing for us to do to bring them satisfaction is to work hard and expeditiously to finish and release. We’re grateful to all the folks who encourage us to focus on that.

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Freedom of the cancellation was definitely appreciated and all quick and hassle free execution.

Understand there was more going on than the deadline thing only. And sticking around to see development here is based on the wish to see this thing in real life, cancellation was partly due to communication/pro-active cancellations, partly due to delays and lack of a use-case: I’m still working in a paper business, HID issues abound there, especially trying to decipher my colleagues rushed writing…

Maybe it’s the handwritten thing, but I much prefer the concise to the confusing elaborated wording and examples. Am perfectly well understanding you don’t know the final ship yet, so in my humble opinion, don’t tell us one :wink: Hence my simple rephrasing that to: we can’t tell you a final date, since it’s unknown as of yet.

Rest assured, being a non customer for me also means I’d like to see this sooner than later, but am free to wait as long as you need to release a product that is as good as you want it to be, good luck with that, please keep up the regular updates, they were making this forum a nice thing to know how you’re doing.

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Thank you for this post. I wish more people on this forum could realize that their mental health would benefit from cancelling their orders. Cancelling doesn’t mean that you don’t still want to see the product, or that you hope it fails, or that you’ve given up, or except this:

You would rather make the final purchase decision until after the product is finished.

That’s it! Honestly, that’s the most sensible, consumer-friendly position to have. There is no sunk cost here tying people to their orders.

Anyway, thanks for being reasonable… It’s nice to see here. :smile:

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Sounds like a soap-opera.