Idea(s) for Ver.2

On my work laptop, a Lenovo, there are little ridges, bumps that allow me to find center (the f and j keys) without looking down.
Just working off various pictures of TB off the net, I don’t see anything like that right now.

The TextBlade only has 8 physical keys (plus the space bar) so you can’t really misplace your fingers, especially since the 2 blades are placed on an angle.

V1 already has it.

The sculpted ridges and scoops on each key surface define each zone entirely by feel, and the overall pattern is unique across the entire array. You can find home easily in total darkness.

Home-well config is much more pronounced than the legacy f & j nibs.

Global positioning to home position for every finger is much faster and more positive on the 8 smart keys vs. 70 legacy keys spread over 6 rows.

Feels a lot better too.


Where can I get version 1?


Double-down on support for text selection and cursoring within critical apps. Obviously the productivity apps (OneNote, Word, Excel) but especially Kindle Reader. We won’t have a touchpad on this keyboard and we won’t want to take our fingers off the keys to touch the screen or (!) reach for a stylus.

Remains to be seen if text selection and cursoring is well-supported in the content creation apps we most use. Remains to be seen how difficult the chording will be to learn and use. This isn’t so much a wish list item as a wait-and-see item and respond to our comments after we have sufficient experience. If there was any real wish list item here, it would be that the next Kindle reader had BLE support and that the apps we use have adequate software support for keystroke actions.

One issue I see is that the TB won’t lend itself to use on a person’s lap, without the use of a rigid surface, which isn’t always present. I would like to see either (a) a more rigid design that allows the TB to be used on a lap without buckling; this could potentially be accomplished with a more robust physical connection in addition to the magnets, or (b) a fancier stand/sheath that supports the connecting area of all three components while providing a stand for the phone or tablet. It’s not a pretty solution, but it solves the problem.

Somewhere on the forum was stated that this was in the works, however I assume it’s been pushed back to focus on the release of the TextBlade itself first.

Thanks. Also, I want back lighting. I know it’s a battery drain. But I want it.

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This has also been discussed before :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Aeter , right now, only by robbing Waytools HQ

(Disclaimer: I do not endorse criminal acts)

Here’s an idea for version two



What a revolutionary idea. I think Apple does that with their products, so Waytools would jump on that idea right away! After all, the iPhone 3G wasn’t released until the first iPhone came out.

Careful. They’ll start to think you want a text blade 3g. For all the cloud syncz.

You could use a lap desk. Or just a book or a small board to rest it and the tablet or phone on, too. A more robust physical connection sort of defeats the purpose of having it held together magnetically. You might as well build a single-object keyboard at that point.

A small thin piece of metal that slides forward from the space bar part would provide enough surface area to hold the keyboard together for lap typing. The magnets will pull on the piece to keep it in place. I’m not sure how strong the magenta are, but if they are anything like one of those rare earth magnet discs, they could hold the whole keyboard together even without a solid surface underneath.

Version 2 could ship in a timely fashion. That would be a huge upgrade.

“Version 2, now with shipping!”


I think this post might be why @waytools (also now known as “Fuck You”) cancelled my order. I’m not sure though. Seems like a silly reason.

FYI - as discussed on other threads, Brandon knows exactly why we refunded his order.

He did not mention that he filed a complaint with the BBB, as though he was unaware of any of his status page info (which his posts here show he was very informed of). We refunded him to resolve it.

We also wrote him personally and offered to reinstate his order for him if he understood his status info,and let us know if wished to keep his order.

He didn’t answer except to make a string of posts with a lot of profanity like the one above.

We did our best, but it was not possible to please him.


That’s fair. As is the month long ban for profanity. I’m curious though why StylePlague wasn’t suspended for the same.