I uniquely broke my Spaceblade

I was accepted into the TREG program about 21 months ago. Since the moment the TB arrived, I can probably count on my hands the number of times I’ve used a regular keyboard. I also, in the moment of excitement, swap my layout to Colemak. I figured acclimating to two things at once would be fine, and frankly Colemak on the TB is amazing…once I got over the curve. I’ve never been (or needed to be) a super fast typer, so hitting between 50 and 80 WPM is fine.

On a regular keyboard, I never used the shortcuts for curser jumps for words/lines. I don’t even know what they are. But on the TB I don’t even have to take my fingers off the home row, and I now use curser jumps all the time. The key combinations took a couple of weeks to get used to, but they are well the effort.

As I mentioned, I’ve had the TB for about 21 months with no real issues. I’m not overly hard on my stuff and I’m a tech-geek, so while I’ve had to re-pair with devices a few times and occasionally update the firmware on the TB when there is a new version, I haven’t had to reach out to Waytools. I just hadn’t had any real problems.

Until Tuesday morning.

I got to work and when I snapped the TB together it didn’t light up. I plugged it into a USB port and it was charging, so I knew it wasn’t completely fried, but no dice on powering the keyblades. Then I notice a small crack on the front of the spaceblade.

Mild panic sets in. For the first time in 21 months I don’t have a working TextBlade. I used the app to submit an “issue” notice and try to remember what happened. The crack wasn’t there the night before (that I noticed) and I’d been using the TB.

Then I remembered a brief moment that morning. I’d plugged the TB into an upside down charger underneath a cabinet in my kitchen above a quartz (granite-like) counter. In a bit of a rush to get the kids out the door to the school bus, when I grabbed the TB it slipped and fell, hitting the corner of the counter and clattering into my hand as I raced to catch it. I thought nothing of it. I’d dropped the TB a few times even further than the 20-ish inches I just had, and nothing had even scuffed the TB. It’s so light it typically bounces with no apparent damage.

The next evening I had a chat with Mark, sent in a few pictures of the damage and counter, and should have a new spaceblade next week. He thinks I uniquely severed the wire that connects to the keyblades. Uniquely because it’s a hardened, steel backed flat wire, which according to Mark would be difficult to sever on purpose. He thinks that it hit the countertop edge in the just the right way that put that wire between a rock (the countertop) and a hard place (the steel backing)…kind of like setting a chisel against an anvil and striking – severing happens.

Waytools will verify the cause after I send the spaceblade in, but in no way should this be a strike on the durability of the TB. It’s been amazingly resilent.

Other than my mishap, my complaint is that the wireless Apple keyboard I’m using is driving me slightly insane. The keys are to far apart, I need to use Colemak as my fingers are now used to that, but since I only used QWERTY prior to the TB it feels odd…but not as odd as trying to switch back to QWERTY for a week. And the offset of the key rows is infuriating. I never had an issue before, but the TB has the “C” directly below “D” key, and on the full size keyboard the slight offset of the “C” key to the right is maddening. And OHHH, do I miss my mod key functions.

First world problems, to be sure. But nonetheless irritating in the moment.

I do not write this to make those still waiting upset, or mad, or depressed. I wanted to share what happened to me and say, like so many other treggers, that “it’s worth the wait,” which will hopefully be coming to end soon. I use the TB as my daily keyboard across ALL my devices, but usually that means my laptop and tablet. Even when my laptop isn’t connected to an external monitor (rare), I tend to slide it forward on the desk just a little so I can use the TB. I’m just more efficient and happy.


I’ve settled in, when doing typing tests, at around 65 wpm. I’ve hit over 90 when pushing, but I’ve found when I time myself typing email, posts, etc, where I’m thinking of what to say while typing, I’m only doing about 46 wpm anyway so, since I’m almost never typing something by copying from a book or something, higher speed probably wouldn’t be much gain. Though I would be happy to have that ability anyway.

Absolutely. I know from reading what other testers have written - those who have switched back and forth regularly - that it isn’t that hard to adapt. But I normally have no reason to switch, other than maybe when sending special commands when booting and bluetooth may not kick in soon enough in the process to receive the command. Using a regular keyboard is really a terrible experience for me too! If I must use a regular keyboard, it is done much like I type on glass where I’m just using one finger (never got good at thumb typing at all).