I don't think I can ever go back

I’m curious. I saw what you said you were using instead and just wondering why. I know a lot of personal preferences come into play so what one person prefers isn’t the same as someone else. But I’m always interested in WHY they prefer something.

So, if we are assuming ONLY desktop use, what are your reasons? Because I pretty much always am on the desktop and I definitely prefer to TB (though I can’t compare it to what you use since I don’t have that).

I’m on a computer, doing a fair bit of typing, for 12-18 hours a day, 7 days a week. A fair bit (~30-50 hours a week) on my notebook, but probably 50 hours a week at my desk. Carpal tunnel is a serious issue for me (not suffering now, but I had it super-bad 20+ years ago.) So most of my equipment choices are designed to minimize that.

My desk setup has KeyMouse Track at the moment (I have and use TextBlade, KeyMouse Alpha, Kinesis Advantage Pro at my desk, but right now it’s the Track). The benefit of the Track, for me, is that I don’t move my hands to use the mouse. And it’s a track-ball, which in theory is easier on the hands.

The huge, huge, huge advantage of the TextBlade is that it’s the size of a stick of gum. That matters less to me at my desk. However, I will likely re-introduce it to my desk if I’m not traveling.

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