I don't think I can ever go back

I’ll be incredibly sad if I ever have to stop using TextBlades.

(Sorry, I don’t mean to flaunt my luck, just share my happiness)


Awful placement of curly braces, though :smiley:

Wmertens - :+1:t3:thanks for pic. Think you’ll like the new treats the cooks have in the kitchen.

Cameron - curly brace placement was by special request of software engineering users.

But we reckon you already used the map editor to arrange to your preference.

Stay safe all, in these surreal times. This too shall pass.

@cameron I like a pretty condensed code listing so I see more code at a glance - and this is actually what Prettier produces, the by-now-de-facto-standard JavaScript formatter, so I’m not alone :wink:

@waytools I’m pretty sure Cameron was taking about my code, but indeed being able to program the keys is great, for example I use backtics a lot and mapped them to green+G


Indeed, I was talking about the 1970s-style (still prevalent) braces placement that was designed to save vertical space on 25-line monitors :smiley: … I have two large, vertically oriented 4k monitors for coding, so I am not so worried with saving vertical lines anymore.


I’d love a photo of your setup :slight_smile:

These are all older photos, but I’m not at the office right now.

Using one of these: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B00MIBN71I/
And one of these: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B001B0DCOO/

It’s a sit/stand desk (electric up/down) with a locally custom-made wood top.

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Mark’s suggest of a 43" 4k TV as a monitor has a lot of merit, though. If I were doing it again, I might go that route. Or maybe three of them :smiley: on an MWE Emperor https://www.mwelab.com/en/emperor.html

I think he suggested a 46 or 49 inch (I forget which), but I got a 43 inch and it is great! I sure hope Apple keeps making newer/better Mac Minis because I see no need for an iMac unless they just let the mini wither away with old tech.

He suggested a 43”. I bought one for my desk at work based on his suggestion (and finding one at Sam’s club for $220 after taxes). It is currently on a folding table in my bedroom closet, but will return to my desk at work when I do.

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Yep, that’s correct. Weird though as I thought I had bought the next size down from what he suggested, but I have the 43. Unless he mentioned a larger size in a phone conversation. I remember when I got it, I sometimes felt the 43 was too big - because I wasn’t used to moving my eyes over such a big area, and though how that feeling would be worse with a larger size.

On well, no big deal.

I would like Apple to treat the Mini as a kind of poor man’s Mac Pro. That is, you have to add a monitor to both, but also, ideally, making some upgrades on the mini would be easier than now. I always felt access to RAM and the SSD should be as easy as possible. Maybe not be able to change cpu, but those other things would be useful.

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Lovely! And so many keyboards :wink:

I prefer a 4k to be no more than 27" because it’s about the same pixel density as a 1080p screen on a 13,3" laptop. On an external monitor the extra distance makes it look nice and sharp.

On a 43" I’d be seeing pixels all the time and the text would be fuzzy, I hate that.

I know I’m in the minority though, for example it’s impossible to find a 13-14" laptop with an AMD 4700U professor and a high DPI screen. Looks like very few people care about it.


My 9 year old mac mini gave up the ghost last week and I purchased the 6 core latest version and it is night and day difference in change from my last one.

You have to look beyond my SpongeBob SquarePants Engineer costume from last Halloween. I am running 2 horizontal 24", 1 vertical 24", 1 iPad Pro, 1 iPhone XS Max, a SwiftPoint GT, and a TextBlade.


Prior to getting the 4K I had 2 22” 1080’s. The pixel density is about the same between the two. Occasionally I catch a glimpse of the pixels on the 4K, but not enough to bother me. At the time my laptop could barely support the 4K, but my laptop has since been upgraded and now I am running the 43” 4K, 2 24” 1080’s and the built in 15” 1080.


It burns so much!


My notebook is 7 years old (the last good Macbook Pro, until the one they just released!), and my desktop is 7 years old, too (the trashcan Mac … 12 cores, 128GB RAM, 1TB flash, dual D700s). My one Windows box is pieces/parts 5-15 years old, and it’s awesome (e.g. Titan 11GB video card, 34" curved 144hz screen), but I almost never use it (just Windows C builds and some games).

I used to get a new computer every 1-2 years. It amazes me how I have nothing remotely close to new now, and I’m still loving what I have.

The lack of travel, though, is not helping me use the TextBlade :frowning:


The monitors are 32" each. Monoprice. (At the time, the only reasonably priced IPS 60hz 4k monitors. I replaced 2x Apple Thunderbolt monitors, which were great, but super heavy and bulky and power hungry and only 2k resolution).

I mostly use the KeyMouse Track at my desk. I do want to use the TextBlade more, and I wish I had the thing for the Macbook Pro keyboard (silicone mat that someone made?) so I could use it all the time.

SpongeBob has been one of my favorite characters so I bought a bright yellow suit for last Halloween. Def turned some eyes at work and is CRAZY bright. It has many uses as well… Man in the Yellow Hat for Curious George, The Mask character, yellow M&M, even a pimp or a gangster :wink:


You should switch to using hipster technologies: Electron apps for everything and compiling JavaScript with hot reload while screen sharing over some WebRTC service, you’ll soon see how easy it is to make those feel obsolete (especially the MacBook Pro) :wink:

My 2017 MacBook Pro could barely cope. Now I’m running Linux on an i5 8xxx CPU with 8GB RAM and things are good again.