How things are done

Okay @WayTools, time to really focus in on my pet peeve. Addressed it here and there before, but it really is something that needs correcting.

We’ve all seen posts from many people about how you should do things. Some may be right or wrong (like whether you should ship the old version).

Some are a bit silly, based on nothing more than people want the device they ordered - nothing silly about wanting it, but sometimes that ignores other issues.

No, my point is the simple, basic logic that when YOU say something, it is appropriate for you to act accordingly.

Many people will want updates, for example. You can choose not to give them. Everyone then makes their own decision about what to do based on the lack of the updates they want. While I would not agree to a lack of updates, that is your decision, for better or worse.

But here is the problem that I don’t think you can defend: YOU set a date (specific, or fairly narrow) to provide info. No one can make you do that, no matter how much they complain. So, your choice.

At that point, the “how things are done” has only one real answer - you do what YOU decided to say you would do.

Sure, you may say something will happen by a certain date and have something come up. That’s the same thing as someone coming to work on time, but one day they get delayed by a major accident blocking traffic.

But that is RARE. People accept such failures to be on time BECAUSE they are rare and out of your control.

Unfortunately, this has NOT been “rare”. We can go back to June 2018 for a big update, which still hasn’t happened.

We can go back to Summer of 2019 when the update only required ONE MORE DAY. Actually, that was said two days in a row! Yet that big update isn’t here yet.

And we can go back to February 10th when you said more information on a specific subject would be coming around the end of the month. And before someone says, “they didn’t say which month”, I’m more aware than most at how timeframes given are not as restrictive as some claim. In this case, the context clearly meant around the end of February.

But, here we are at the end of March and it still hasn’t been posted.

There is no way I can imagine you can’t do what YOU said you would do. Especially when it keeps happening. Like I said, I can at least understand not offering anything. I can NOT understand offering something and then not doing it anyway.

I try imagining possible legal reasons - but that doesn’t work because you would know those when you say you will provide information.

I try imagining some tech problem coming up taking all your time - but that can’t explain these things happening not only over and over, but not being done at some point soon afterwards, especially when you say you will give some other update, which also doesn’t happen. And certainly not when you only need ONE more day!

I remember when you would do updates and some of the crazier critics would use the updates to attack. But, first, they aren’t here anymore and, second, when you said you would update, you already knew about that kind of reaction. So it can’t be used to explain not giving the update you said we would get.

So, speaking for myself, I’m just after you to do what you CHOSE to say you would do about updates. Release can be affected by lots of things and treggers are well aware of how often new problems were discovered (though we hope that is over). But an update? Even a tech issue is, ultimately, just an opportunity to give us some idea of what is going on!

A reminder of the last time you said we would get more info:

Somewhat tedious process to go through the migration and detailed merge reports, but the compiler tools are actually pretty good at identifying even subtle potential contentions. So new tools are quite productive, and make new code that is pretty rad-hard.

Will have more visibility on remaining tasks around end of month.


Fully agree! I check in nearly every day. We understand if there are problems. Just give us some information.


Heck, this is one of the tabs I always have open in my browser, so I see it multiple times a day. Actually, I have more than one, including the main WayTools web page and the page where the big updates used to be posted (last one in June 2018). Maybe some day I’ll be surprised!

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I agree.

And we need a specific update telling us why they don’t update and why they delayed it. There is nothing in a lawsuit or otherwise that would allow them to state this. A simple statement on that regard could simply say, “We are under threat of a lawsuit (link) and cannot comment on features or progress until cleared. We hope this will be cleared up by X date.” Then update again on X date if lawsuit is not cleared.

Or if delays have nothing to do with lawsuits, give us an update that states as such so we stop speculating.

Or just shut down these forums and email all of us when the product is ready for Treg or full release. As I stated in my other post, I’m still rooting for @waytools.


Prior to being invited to join the treg… many years ago now… I had been thinking about designing a custom keyboard based on the Dactyl or similar, combined with small touchscreen for various dynamic & context-specific things. The extended period of near silence on the progress of firmware V2 has got me looking back into reviving my ideas - just so I’m not tied in to a great device that, for whatever reason, ran into a dead-end.



ZORK XXIX: The Very Flat Keyboard Empire

“You are in a gloomy forum, filled with lurking Grues. You need to do something to delay their attack.”

Type: Inventory

“You have: A TextBlade, a computer (with a very dim green screen - unlikely to keep the Grues away), access to the internet, the administrative password to the WayTools account.”

Type: Wait

“You wait, and in the very dim, green light of the computer screen, you can see the shadows of hungry Grues.”

Type: Wait

“You continue to wait, which accomplishes nothing as the Grues become more and more agitated.”

Type: Wait

“If you wait any longer, the Grues will attack!”

Type: Use the computer to access the WayTools internet page.

“You can now see the WayTools page on the computer screen. You can hear the Grues gurgling evilly.”

Type: Create an update on TextBlade progress.

“You can’t do that from here. The gurgling is getting louder.”

Type: Enter administrative password

“How will you enter the administrative password?”

Type: Use the TextBlade to enter the administrative password on the computer.

“You now have full access to the WayTools account. You can practically feel the hot breath of the Grues on your neck.

Type: Use the TextBlade to type an update on the computer in the WayTools account.

“You type the update, but you can hear the Grues getting closer, saliva dripping off their fangs and hitting the hard floor."

Type: Create update on TextBlade progress.

“You already did that. The Grues are almost upon you!”

Type: Post TextBlade update to WayTools account for public access.

“You have sent and posted the update. You can hear the Grues moving further away, apparently accessing their phones and tablets to read the update. You get a sense that they are even a little bit happy - something never before observed in Grues! Well, since no one has ever actually seen a Grue, perhaps ‘observed’ is not the proper term.”

“You have effectively delayed any attack by the lurking Grues. This tactic can be repeated, but don’t wait too long!”


Well said. I suspect that a bunch of us that remain on this Forum have had long careers in industry/finance and are as frustrated as you are with WayTools’ silence. We’re major supporters of this fantastic keyboard, but we are now at a point where it is embarrassing to support a management team that seems to not understand the importance of responding.

It’s not only best practice - but common courtesy. Have I missed a response along the way?

@Waytools…just say at least why you can’t respond.


My issue isn’t that they haven’t posted an update (though I certainly think they should0, but rather why on Earth do they announce there will be an update and then, over and over again, not do it!!!

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