How do you stow your Textblade?

As a lightweight/one-backpack traveler, my go-to bag of late is the Minaal 2.0

I love the bag, but there is one particular pocket in the laptop compartment that has seen no use for me as it is only deep enough to store something like pens or pencils.

However, I’ve found it has the perfect depth to store the blade in it’s own unique and consistent spot. And it’s easily accessible from the top of the bag, making it convenient for deployment. Plus there’s more room laterally for extras like nanostands, a CapClip mouse (or perhaps a future nanomouse :open_mouth:)

So I’m wondering, how does everyone else typically carry their Textblades?
Are there special compartments in your baggage?
Has anyone crafted their own carrying solution?
Any perfect compartments in tech wear?
How about your pants pockets… is everyone comfortable enough to put it there? (I keep worrying that it will fall out when I sit or retrieve other items)


The TextBlade fits perfectly in one of the vertical slots of my BUBM case. Along with everything else I need for work on both long and short trips. Details at “What’s in Your Bag?” (idea2go #WIYB edition)

Since that photo I’ve slimmed down and improved both the battery and headphone situations.


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Mine only fits in my imagination for the time being…:sleepy:


My messenger bag (Peak Design) has a slot for keys and other quickly needed items. The TextBlade fits nicely there.



I went for an iBand Sling. It’s enough for carrying:

  • Mouse HP Z8000
  • TextBlade
  • MobileLite G3 (Power bank, router, hotspot, USB/SD reader)
  • Headphones Bragi The Dash Pro
  • iPod Touch
  • MicroUSB cable with Lightning adapter


That’s unique!

It was the best solution for me, since I go frequently to bars or cafes I wanted an easy way to reach my TextBlade, iBand is just perfect for this, I don’t need to look for it in a backpack, my TextBlade is always in front of me, also I don’t have to be worried about leave a backpack on the floor, it’s always with me.


That iBand is a neat solution!

I’ve been searching for a small sleeve that can keep my random items I like to use in-flight.
But I imagine something like this that has elastic straps to keep the Blade secure.

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@nyb that’s a winning combination. One note from my BUBM experience (photo earlier in this thread) is that i find the little web bottom pockets unnecessarily restricting. I’d rather it just be the straps, and then any loose stuff go in the zipped web pockets. I’ve even considered doing surgery on mine to de-webify those parts.

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I was thinking the same thing, the web pockets seem like they would be annoying.

I’ve been looking for the grid-it version of this sleeve, but with a zippered opening instead of the velcro

So far I have been storing my TextBlade in a warehouse at Waytools. Hopefully soon I will have the opportunity to figure out how I am going to keep it with me during my daily life.

What about an IWB Magazine holster?

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Being from the uk, wasn’t sure what IWB meant, but that looks like a good option :+1:t2: