How close to release in reality? Hold On or Quit?

So Guys and Gals of Textblade land,

Where do we think we are with a potential release, I’ve waited a couple of years (i think, have lost track). But I’m not sure if I can be bothered to wait anymore.

Should I just get a refund and then buy one when general release actually does happen,

Im not sure what the advantages are of being on the wait list.

Feedback welcome


Same here. I am patient (I think) and I do understand the complexity, but the lack of an update is really disappointing. Provide us with some meaningfull information. Even an explanation why an update is not possible would be very welcome. Honor your (early) customers please!

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Very grateful to all of you who stand by us as we work through the v2 firmware.

Those who‘re using v1 have said much about why they really like it.

V2 has quite a lot more to love, built from the input of all current users.

Preorders have a much better deal than is possible in general release.

This pandemic is a surreal time in the world at large.

All its challenges have shone a light on the better angels of the nature of so many.

Thank you for the encouragement for a better way forward for all of us.


Seriously? Now it’s the pandemic’s fault you don’t come to an end with TB? After six years?

As so many pointed out over the years: Maybe a strategy focussed more on tangible results and DELIVERY might help to alleviate the impact of evil forces menacing your noble quest.


As we explained above, v2 drives the mission and the timeline.

What’s happening around us doesn’t gate our mission.

But you’d have to be made of wood not to be grateful for the grace shown in such a time.

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Uh… you may want to read that post again. It doesn’t use the pandemic as an excuse for anything.


I’d say we have no idea where we are in regards to a potential release. Ultimately we only know they are doing a rewrite and have been for a long time - so long that I no longer remember when it was first announced, but way over a year and maybe over 2 years.

We know along the way that they have made improvements in speed (like when switching jump slots) and I’m sure other things. But I think the last time anything was said that could infer when GR may happen was way back in 2019 when someone asked if that year was going to be different and was told “Yes”.

Is there an advantage to waiting. Absolutely, but with a major qualification. That is, if it ships, you are getting some extras cost things for free (like Multi-map) and you also avoid any price increase which WT has talked about. But if it never ships, obviously those things don’t matter.

Everyone has to decide the risk for themselves. I certainly considered it a risk when I ordered in early 2015. I’m lucky that I got in Treg, but if I hadn’t, I’d probably choose to still wait. Basically thinking that I’ve done without the money so far, so since I have no major need for that money now, I just let it ride.

Actually, I’m probably more upset about the delays and lack of updates being a member of Treg than I would be if I had not been. That may sound strange, but it isn’t about the money. It is about knowing what a great concept this device is (though it had issues they needed to deal with and just needed more memory space - thus the rewrite), that it infuriates me to think that it may never reach mass-market.

You might think of it like if the iPhone was seen and actually used by customer/testers, but for one reason or another, never got released and no one else copied the concept. What a loss that would have been!

Or, more up to date, what the new M1 Mac computers are accomplishing. It isn’t exactly normal to have a chip that has far more real-use power which, at the same time, GREATLY extends battery life in a laptop, and which does this while keeping prices the same.

I see the same with the TB. It was hard to imagine a device which was FAR smaller than other keyboard, yet had a great typing feel, could be used with 6 different devices (which saves money all by itself), and only cost $100. And that doesn’t count the customization possibilities!

This thing needs to get to GR!

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Well, the vacuous and fact free response from WayTools above finally pushed me over the edge. After waiting 5 1/2 years, I have requested cancellation of my order.

For the past 2+ years that they have been “working” on the code refactoring, I have been trying to figure out if the unforgivable delay was due to them being dishonest; with no plans of a real release, or their incompetence in writing firmware.

I will never know; but could it be both?

I wish the rest of the non TREG community good luck and hope that you will eventually receive your purchased TextBlades.

For my part, I say…

:skull_and_crossbones:Abandon hope, all ye who order here…:skull_and_crossbones:


The post places the pandemic in the context of v2 firmware development. Admittedly it does not mention any causal connection, but it is used to deflect from the actual problem: the vast delay of v2 firmware development. As @SamuraiJack mentioned, the post was otherwise fact free.


Pandemic or not the lack of transparency is a telling trait of this company.


I’ve just cancelled today… No point for me waiting this long for any product at all, at most with this lack of transparency in timeline of development.

Best of luck for those who still endure.

I bought two in January 15th almost six years ago. Upgraded to a six pack when Waytools told us last year that it would ship in 2019.

Cancelled after many vague answers.

If it ever comes out, I may look at version 2. The components are now six years old.

I just got a couple of Atreus keyboards and I love them.

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