Happy New Year 🎉🎉🎉

Hi All - Happy Holidays and thanks so much for all your comments and thoughts.

We’ve made further progress, and are seeing fewer reports of user issues, which is quite encouraging.

A quick note - We’ve been evaluating the most recent data from our users relating to Bluetooth BLE links and their character stream reliability. We’ve been able to verify that there is an intermittent issue with iOS seen by some users, and we’ve filed bug reports with Apple.

We are studying additional logs to see if we can build in some further protections for the link on our end. We do see this iOS bug also reproducible with Microsoft’s BLE folding keyboard, so it’s definitely at the OS level. But anything we can do to make TextBlade more resilient to it is of great interest to us, to ensure a consistently smooth and reliable user experience.

Our Dev team will be reviewing the collected findings from all the user data next week, after they return from some well-deserved family time, and we’ll be posting an update with some more details of interest for you.

Thanks to all for your goodwill and encouragement, and for the fantastic enthusiasm of those using their TextBlades right now. Their great input is so important and helpful to others. Your observations, ideas, and contributions are appreciated so very much.

We look forward to a great 2018! It will be a fantastic year, with mass quantities of TextBlades shipped to our customers, and many exciting and satisfying new experiences for all of us.

Happy New Year to All :tada::tada::tada:


”We look forward to a great 2018! It will be a fantastic year, with mass quantities of TextBlades shipped to our customers, and many exciting and satisfying new experiences for all of us.”
Thank you @waytools I take this as a promise that you will start general shipping soon, or at least during 2018. I have been waiting for this information from you for a long time now. I really think 2018 will be a good year and that the TextBlade will be something extra. Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

Happy new year!

Thanks for the info. It looks like everything in the post refers to these links and character stream issues. I’m not exactly clear if this is one thing or two things. That is. Are there issues with links AND character stream reliability OR is the character link reliability a result of the link - so basically the same thing?

Also wondering about things you said at the end of November and early December that don’t seem to be related to this. For example:

We’ll be doing a December update after we’ve checked our recent firmware updates for the Jumps and Bluetooth edge cases that some users had seen and written up. We think the core points look resolved by the changes we’ve made, and now we’re focused on cleaning up any artifacts of the new build.

So were the jumps and BT edge cases solved? And were artifacts found (and if so, cleaned up)?

And this one, which may be about the same things except it specifies “multiple pairings”:

we are working with users on addressing any unusual cases they find with regard to Jumps, and Bluetooth multiple pairings.

New release 8050 was published last week and we are reviewing user reports on how it’s working for them…

We are studying any remaining exception cases to understand and resolve them, but so far this firmware version is looking like a solid step forward.

Any more on these things? This is my list of issues from the three posts:

  1. BLE links and character stream reliability (that’s one or two things).

  2. Edge cases about Jumps and Bluetooth (could also be one or two things).

  3. Multiple pairing issue (which may be included under item 2).

So, anywhere from 2 to 5 things, depending on details. Any solved “well enough”?


Soo… the android app will get released this year?


Wanted to thank your team for making the TextBlade!

“Less is more” and here is what I gave up:

  • forearm pain at the end of a work day
  • the constant search for a better keyboard (see “forearm pain” above)
  • a MacBook Pro (the iPad Pro with Jump Desktop, Working Copy, Textastic, and Continuous - is lighter and runs longer)
  • 4 lbs in my backpack or luggage (weight ∆ of MacBook Pro + sleeve + charger vs. iPad Pro + sleeve)
  • being tethered to a desk
  • having to debate whether to change my VS shortcut keys to make more sense
  • remembering odd contortions like Ctrl-Cmd-Shift-4 or Alt-PrintScr or Windows logo-Volume Down
  • cleaning my keyboard

Kind of good news as I am coming up on three years waiting, Just to test one would be nice. I didn’t make that team either.


It would be great to receive my TB before I relocate to south america in March. Any chance of that?

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I truly hope this is the year that the TBs start shipping out. It’s been 2 years since I placed my order. :unamused:

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Coming up on 4 years for me!

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You must mean 3 years since it wasn’t until 2015 that orders could be made.

Well gosh, Waytools! I was sorta hoping your Christmas gift was late in the mail… My list still good though, if you’re feelin’ it: All I Want for Christmas, Other Than a TB, is