Happy New Year (again) What's the Latest News on my Order?

Today is Jan.13, 2018
I ordered and paid for my keyboard Feb.2, 2015. In my eagerness and excitement to obtain the awesome TextBlade, I also paid for FedEx 1 day delivery. In retrospect, this may have been a mistake.
My estimated ship window is now, “WINTER”
The last status update on the order update page is Sep.28, 2017.
Availability on the Waytools.com site continues to advertise an exciting opportunity to pre-order for early delivery.

As we approach the third anniversary of my payment for a product that has not been shipped with no update in over 3 months, understandably my question is, “WTF is going on???”

 Are you testing a new quantum processor upgrade?
 Are you waiting for your biomolecular tensile bendometer to be repaired to continue testing?
 Have you completed your test scripts to measure the effect of product usage on customer neuroplasticity?

We are on the edge of our seats to get the latest news on this challenging product development odyssey!


Also, I have had no response to my offer to join the TREG group. Learning how it feels to be on Tinder with leprosy.


No one that I know of has been contacted prior to being offered a position or, at least, were under imminent consideration.

My status is the same: ordered in early February of 2015, my order’s flipped to “Winter”, I applied for TREG as soon as it was announced, the only thing I’ve ever heard back from Waytools since ordering was when they refunded me a dollar for some reason a year or more back.

Still looking forward to getting my keyboard someday.


In the three years since giving payment for product to WT, I’ve bought keyboard cases for my iPads (initially an Air 2, and now a 12" Pro). Had WT shipped product when paid, I would not have incurred this expense (damages).

Since my OP identifying a lack of status update since September, I have read postings from a TREG user - who is quite an active WT supporter on this board - that has eroded my confidence that WT has, or is willing to communicate, a strategy to narrow down the pre-production issues with the product or that the product is anywhere near a final condition (recently alpha testing firmware).

Consequently, I have pulled the trigger on my refund. Should the in future, a reputable retailer possess actual inventory of product for sale, I may reconsider purchase.


I can understand canceling, but let’s be clear about that “alpha testing” point.

We know they likely don’t have the final version. All Treg members have been sent the the latest BETA version. Which, at some point, could turn out to be final. But if not, any version they are testing in House is Alpha. It just so happens that they send a small number of these out to some Treggers first.

If they didn’t send it out to any testers until it was Beta, would that be better? I don’t think so! Much better for those who reported a problem that the new version is supposed to fix to do earlier testing.

All - to clarify -

  • Hardware is not beta, it is from production tools.

  • Firmware is beta until remaining open user reports are resolved. Typically rare cases, but we follow up.

  • A few users sometimes get alpha releases of upcoming firmware. This accelerates the next release.

Thank you.

Cheesebeard - hope refund was smooth for you, and that you enjoy the product when you can get one.