Green paint keyboard comparison

As I had some issues with my space blade, i received a replacement set up. It reminded me how much of the green paint is gone from my original key blades. They are about 19 months old. Don’t know if they’ve made any changes to the paint since I received the first set. You can see the comparison here.

What’s with the old spaceblade “damage”? Hard to tell from the picture. Is it damage or stains? I’ve never seen anything like it on mine. It reminds me of what I’ve seen on some band instruments on rare occasions - where the particular student’s chemistry would eat through the metal at a far faster rate than the typical person.

probably just a smudge. haven’t used in weeks. the problem is internal and there was no drop or external damage.

I have definite wear on the green layer and some on the silver layer as well. My understanding is that WayTools did improve the inks and has done testing to confirm the improvements, but, because they have lots of key caps with the old ink already printed, that’s what they have been sending to TREG’rs.


seems like a good use of the older ones