Got mine! Just now!

Delivered at 11:40 CDT

Typed on Textblade


Holy cow! Amazing! I seriously never thought I’d see the day that an actual customer would type those words without irony.



Cheeky. :slight_smile:

Congrats also, let us know what you think!

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Ladies and gentlemen, there you have it! That might be the first Textblade delivery. Congrats Waytools!

Are you allowed to post pictures? If so, do :slight_smile:

Great! So only a few minutes from unboxing to typing. Mine is “On FedEx vehicle for delivery” but I’m at work now, so won’t get to it until tonight. Can’t wait.

Some unboxing photos. Yesterday’s Times for scale.


Paired easily with iPad and iPhone. I have a mid-2010 Mac and no time to work with that. My recollection is that it won’t pair.

Initial impression: Nice. Good build quality, good behaviors, good key feel. It will take some time to learn this, but a very positive right out of the box experience.

Typed on my Mac because I was just uploading those photos above.


I wasn’t supposed to be home today and would have had great difficulties with pickup (until Thursday!) but have bad hay fever and didn’t go in to work.

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Yes, your iMac has built-in Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR. I wonder if a Bluetooth 4.0 USB dongle would overcome that issue.

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Nice pics. Your TextBlade doesn’t appear to be ‘refurbished’ at all. :wink:

Mine is ready for pickup as soon as I get off work. Can’t wait to give my initial impressions as well. Glad you like it so far!


Hallelujah! I was at the point of losing hope and saw light!!!

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QWERTY, but installed Dvorak map. Imagine borrowing a bicycle, or acclimating to a different car–it isn’t quite alien, but with symbols elsewhere, it is certainly different. Quite a compact layout without feeling cramped–very much less finger travel required. Yes, I can get used to this. My desktop computer’s keyboard platform is a simple wooden panel and despite TextBlade’s elastomer base, right now my typing sounds like a softly muted, oddly slow game of ping pong. As far as the car analogy, for those of you old enough, imagine transitioning from an old truck with a huge steering wheel and monstrously heavy manual steering to a massive luxury automobile of the 70s and its small, over-boosted power steering wheel. For me, an older guy who learned to hunt and peck on portable manual typewriters, then electric typewriters, then a bunch of different computer keyboards, this initially felt confining, but I’m getting better…

The magnetic over-center feel of the butterflies makes bottoming out the keys pretty natural and difficult to avoid. Over.

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Not yet…we’re just seeing a flicker :wink: Wait until you receive your release candidate…then we’ve seen the light. Well…I guess at that point we would have just seen the flashlight (incandescent style, nonetheless; not all that fancy LED stuff) :wink:

haha… I am so desperate that a flicker is still considered hope for me… regardless of how faint it is :wink:
A year long wait does funny things to people :wink:


I just ordered a Bluetooth dongle and will test.


So one thing I am still confused about is the timeline. How long will Waytools wait before TREGgers give the green light? In theory, everyone who receives a TREG unit could tell them that it all looks good after a few days of use. However, Waytools must have some timeline that they will follow before they decide that enough testing has occurred…

Again, I doubt this really matters, because TREG is a feigned testing delay to buy them more time to take care of some serious hardware issues (and probably add in some more software/firmware complexity).