Goodbye to the team & to the community

Well, the time has come.

I posted rarely, if ever. I waited patiently for about 5 years. Also, after three campaigns I did myself, I know that crowdfunding is hard (in particular the fulfilment phase). Don’t even ask me about the 6-figure campaign we successfully closed somehow.

No bad feelings. It’s just… $125 out in the wild which I may spend elsewhere, or maybe run the risk of losing forever.

Dear team, I hope you understand, as I understood what you are going through.

I asked for a refund.

I wish the team all the success you deserve. When the TextBlade will be available in the public, I’m there to buy it.



This is really sad.

I just passed the 5yr mark myself 3 days ago and I have to wonder if more meaningful status updates might have helped prevent refund requests like this. Personally, I’ll continue to stick it out but I have to admit I receive regular ridicule from friends and family for waiting as long as I have already…


Yeah… I know about the difficulties in communicating during such a campaign (see my posting above). You don’t want to promise anything you might not be able to keep; it seems to ridiculous to you to post something which maybe is meaningless to you etc… Really, in our case it was a service that we knew we couldn’t offer instantly. But it is the way to keep your community up through ups and downs. When your community has hardly any access to your product or service, it is the communication you are judged by.

Honestly, meanwhile I don’t care that much about TextBlade as I did 5 years ago.

I thought the idea & concept were brilliant, and, due to suffering from rheuma for about 35 years now, I was hoping for a better typing experience. I think I have to live with my good old Apple keyboard. It’s here, and it works.


I certainly understand!

I wish you the best with as pain-free typing as you can manage. I remain hopeful that the wait for TextBlade will be shorter rather than longer.

There have been several reports of improved pain management for RSI sufferers who use the TextBlade here in the forums. There is still a chance it could help you — if it gets released quickly enough!

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While I suspect the number may be small (I bet a lot have forgotten about it!), I also suspect the number would be much lower if real progress updates were given.

While the price of the TB is amazingly cheap, in my opinion, a hundred dollars is important to a lot of people. Though I’m very risk-adverse, I can afford it. Of course, the fact that I’ve been able to test it for over four years means I’ve certainly gotten my money’s worth even if it never ships and mine stops working.

Though it will be very annoying to go back to a regular keyboard when I know how much better the TB is!

Better updates are definitely in order. Trouble is, with so many delays, even if we get a good update on progress - even if they shipped new firmware to Treg, I suspect a lot of people would seriously wonder if that really meant it was much closer to GR. Of course, the update should still be given. A bad record on updates leading to doubt from customers is no reason to continue a bad record!

I rarely post things here, but I am also getting mixed feelings about TB. I order mine by the end of January/2015, or over 5 years ago!!! Sometimes I see TREGERS saying wonders about TB, but I am not sure if I will ever get to experience mine. I an heavily considering bailing out and getting my money back. I use a $30 Logitech that’s connected to my 3 devices. It is bigger and heavier, but I can use it in my day-to-day activities. I would like to hear from anyone, would better appreciate from WT themselves, why I should remain waiting for this elusive keyboard. Thanks in advance for your advice guys.


Oh boy, I don’t think even treggers would say you “should” remain waiting. I don’t recall any of us ever promoting that or telling people they “should” order one. We are quite aware of how good this things is, even ignoring portability. With the portability, it is amazing. But we are also just as aware of the many delays, lack of a serious progress update, etc.

So it is like when someone sees me using mine and asks about it. I tell them I’m just a tester, that I love it, and that it was supposed to ship about 5 years ago and we are still waiting - so it is definitely a risk THEY have to decide on.

Same thing would apply to someone who has already ordered, like you. I could add things that you likely already know - early orders get benefits (like multi-map) and there is some kind of gift but we don’t know exactly what it will be. Treggers know what the TOP gift is and I can say it is much better than I would have ever expected. But we don’t know how it changes based on how early you order or on what dates the gift drops. You say you ordered in January 2015, so a better chance than most for the top gift. But for all we know, that may only be for the first day of orders (or the first X number of orders).

But even pointing out those benefits, they only happen if it ships, so back to the risk. For me, I decided the day I ordered I would be willing to just let it ride and hope for the best. But I can only speak for myself.

I will say that, while I don’t see treggers advocating people buy or stay in, I do see people who have opted to cancel push others to do the same and cheer on those who have canceled as if only their view of things matters. It doesn’t. This is a hard decision for many. I’m lucky that I can afford to lose the money (I have 2 ordered). While I’m risk-adverse, in this case I’m willing to take the risk. It’s the only one I’ve ever done that with.

This thread really makes me wonder how many others like me are still holding out after such a long wait with no end in sight.

Am I the only one left?

(TREG participants excluded from my query because you have a textblade)


You’re not alone. I ordered it the day after it broke in the news, whatever year that was. I’d just like a little hint about how far away it really is at this point…


Btw, I offered to be included as a TREGger shortly after we were invited, but I never have been confirmed.

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I suspect a LOT of people made the same request. Over a long period of time (though none lately), they only have taken 131 from the forums. There are over 1000 on the membership list.

It’s pretty well established that they will add some more when they send out the new firmware. Of course, all along they said they would be adding people after GR since other products will be coming.

But nothing matters much until treggers get that firmware (yeah, the update matters, but actually having people - outside of WT - reporting on it is far more important as a measurement of progress.

I am also in the same boat. I have been waiting for many years for the textblade and applied for (but not made a part of) TREG.
The lack of details about when the new firmware will be released and increasing time since it was promised does not suggest an imminent release.

It is over two years since I made my ergonomic keyboards and switched to Colemak (partly in frustration due to the delay in delivery) and I haven’t looked back. While I hope to receive my textblade someday, I will be pleasantly surprised if it is in 2020. You can now order the dactyl keyboard commercially (which you couldn’t two years ago), but there are plenty of other ergonomic alternatives.
If you are getting RSI problems take action now and start using a better keyboard. The sooner you address your problems the better. To simply wait for the textblade is not a good option since no-one outside of Waytools knows when delivery is coming (it seems that they don’t even know themselves), but everyone knows that it is not going to be this winter and unlikely to be this spring.

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You know what… it’s been 5 years for me, as well. I know I said earlier that I would wait until I was 60 before canceling my order, but I’m close enough. I’ll be out of work in a couple of months, and I can probably put that money to slightly better use than having it tucked away somewhere for 5 years for something that in all likelihood won’t see the light of day in 2020. Like the poster above, upon further reflection, I’m just no longer as excited about it as I was 5 years ago. Sorry, guys. I’m going to bail as well. It’s actually been fun over the years, and the activity I undertook to compare DBK’s word count to G.R.R. Martin’s. They’re actually in the same ballpark.

Take care, all.

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I’ll try to put up longer posts!

Anyway, good luck to you. Hope the TB gets released and you can jump back in if you still find a use for it.

I’m still here. Bit lonely though, eh?

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Well, IF the user stats are correct and looking at everyone who is listed as with at least one visit, there have been 118 in the past week. 180 or so in the past month. 240 in the past 3 months.

Don’t know how meaningful that is, but certainly few are posting which I think is mostly a sign of disappointment. Some of which cancel. Some just let it ride but aren’t hopeful.

The ball is in @waytools court. From the outside looking in, people see the many delays but, perhaps more importantly, even if they assume there are some technical issues that are just tough to solve, they also see ever more times where it is another 3 months, over and over. And the same for the big tech update which went from being 1 day a way (two days in a row), but that was almost 10 months ago!

Hard for them to get excited with that pattern staring them in the face.

IOW, get out an update that gives some idea of progress. And I think it would be wise to send a treg unit out to at least someone (I’ve recommended @verxion before) - maybe 2-3 treggers. The reason is simple. A small number won’t stress their process, but it might give them an early catch on some problem. And, it would mean at least someone outside of WT could give some feedback here.

Sure, it would be expected that you may tell them not to say too much, since it isn’t ready for full treg testing yet. But they could still give general impressions, such as:

“The new firmware does some things faster than the old (turn on, jump).”

“The typing feel is just as good and responsive.”

“It seems like most things are working as well as the old firmware, at least, but there are a couple issues they will need to solve” (whether or not they can reveal what those things are would be up to what WT says is okay to reveal).

Related to the above paragraph, if allowed it might say, “Bluetooth connection seems more stable than the previous version, though, as with all BT, it isn’t 100% dependable. I might get a disconnect once a week where in my environment before it might happen several times a week.”

Now, WT has addressed some of this, though sometimes in rather vague ways. That’s not the point. The point is that this info would be coming from someone outside of WT. That can be more important that what comes from WT in various ways.

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Right here with u! Ordered mine in 2015… most the time I’m not thinking about it but when I do it drives me crazy! In my mind I’ve chalked the $ up to a loss that I’ll never get back… so if it ever does show up :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: and if it don’t I’m not missing the $… I’ll wait it out just for the chance it may show up

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Thanks, DBK, but I don’t think I can come back… When I first ordered the Textblade 5 years ago, the Canadian dollar was worth more than the US one, so it was a deal. Now, the Canadian dollar is 72 cents US. So if I were to jump back in, as you say, I would actually be paying a fair bit more.

On a side note, I still haven’t been reimbursed yet. Hoping that it just takes a few days…

I’m thinking about canceling mine too, but if it does ever ship, it will be more expensive due to the Canadian dollar. You probably got more back though.

That can certainly be an issue. OTOH, it may depend on how you would use it. For me and many others, it means I only need one keyboard for every device I have. Well, at least when they move up to 12 slots. Right now it still covers all the devices I would normally want to use a keyboard for, even if it is only rarely on some (two computers, ipad pro, iphone, Apple TV). I also have one slot reserved for the dongle which is connected to my Mac just in case bt stops working.

With 12 slots, I may use another dongle for my iMac, also pair it to my ipad mini. I also have a 2008 macbook, but I don’t normally use it. That could change, of course.

The other slots I’d use probably as qwerty setups (I use dvorak) in case someone I know wants to try it with their device. So set up a macOS, iOS, Windows, Android just for that.

The thing is, even if they raise the price as they said (but include more with it as they have also said), for anyone with a multiple device usage case, it is, in my opinion, a steal.

I think they have a satisfaction guarantee which would give you time to be sure you actually like it - so not much risk.

Of course, all this requires that WT actually ships!