Gift speculation & suggestions

I wonder if part of the delay, and the reduced specificity on remaining issues, is because they’re working on additional accessory hardware to sell, or gift to early buyers.

I would like to think that but I am not at all convinced that is likely.

The one accessory that I would love (and would probably not be that expensive for Waytools to provide) is a USB stick that has the Bluetooth stack built into it so that one can use the TextBlade with devices that do not have Bluetooth support but do support USB keyboards


Would a free custom engraving on the TextBlade’s space bar make sense as a possible gift for early adopters?
I strongly doubt they will offer free additional TextBlades or any of the sort?

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I for one would not want engraving, an extra TextBlade, tees, mugs, or any typical kind of swag.

Instead, how about a new current generation iPhone? Barring that, how about the latest iPad model? That would be significant and appreciated.

Right now actually getting a textblade would be considered as a gift…

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Only by people willing to use it.

“…suffering from Pauline Kaelism. Kael was The New Yorker movie critic who famously said in the wake of Richard M. Nixon’s 49-state landslide in 1972 ‘How could Nixon have won? Nobody I know voted for him’”

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This might be the effect WT was hoping to have. This is an apocryphal story of Stalin:

“Bring me a bird!” he ordered.

  They did.

  Stalin took the bird by its legs and slowly, one by one, he plucked all the feathers from the bird's little body.

  Then he opened his palm. The bird was laying there naked, shivering, helpless.

  Stalin looked at him, smiled gently and said, "You see... and he is even thankful for the human warmth coming out of my palm."

I admit, this is an extremely dramatic analogy, but the principle applies. Waytools isn’t legally obligated to provide any kind of updates. Once they remind us of that, we won’t feel so entitled to an extra gift. We’ll be happy to know that we’ll get the TB in six months.

How about a way to type with the TextBlade on your lap?
I mean, the tech is nice, sophisticated, and highly portable. But, what happens if you need to whip emails while waiting for your flight? Or simply while watching a nice movie? Isn’t portability the “main” highlight of this device?
So, maybe, just maybe, early adopter gift reflects on this omitted aspect?

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I don’t think the extreme portability of the text blade would include something to hold it stable on a lap - not to say they may not create an accessory that wouldn’t allow that, but in that situation you are going to give up some portability.

I think any solution will vary from person to person - ranging from simply only using it on a desk or table to maybe having one of those cushion lap tables (which would be pretty bulky).

I’m thinking that one solution - if you carried your computer or iPad in a case - would be to have a thin but rigid board that you carry in that bag. Tricky part would be having it thin enough to minimize bulk, rigid enough not to bend if banged while transporting, and be really light.

I can imagine some other possibilities, but one of them are going to avoid a considerable change in how portable it all is.

How about a stack of thin metal strips that accordion out to form a crosshatch platform for the TextBlade to stick to (like a really old school baby gate). It could be as small or smaller than the TextBlade itself when collapsed.

Another design could be a stack that opens like a fan.

I waited 12 months for a textblade and all I got was this lousy t-shirt?

Waytools have only one thing I want, and that’s the textblade I paid for last January.


What does the “it” refer to? TextBlade or iPhone / iPad?

Trouble is, you don’t know that they do …

I’m gonna re-ignite this subject given all the fuss and attention towards the TREG.
I have a hunch that TREG is the “Early Adopter Gift”.
Does anyone share my thoughts?

Gracious! If that’s the gift then bah humbug! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I don’t know…

I think all pre-orders from say November 2015 should at least get free expedited shipping, free Nano and NanoXL case, free WayCare, plus a $50 giftcard to Amazon. LOL

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If I remember correctly, they had said that “the earlier you order, the more substantial the gift (and we will make it so)”. So, not sure how that fits. Unless they mean that earlier TREG users will get to see more bugs to fix :slight_smile:

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I wonder if since the original announcement the gift was ever scaled up in recognition of delays?

With the product costing $99 it does rather limit the likely value of any sweetener. Trouble is with so much frustration accumulated by the drawn out series of monthly shipping tease a modest gift may be more sour than sweet.

Maybe we’ll see soon.

I think the chance of that is basically zero. First, the gift is supposed to vary based on how early you ordered. So what are they going to do - send test units out in a week to those who ordered the first two months and take 3 weeks for the next two month’s orders, etc? Second, for this to be the gift, it would have to mean that EVERY early order gets to be a tester. But they referred to “hundreds” of testers. They seem to have sold over 10,000 in the first two days!

That’s certainly possible, but may depend on the value of the gift originally. The suggestions for expedited shipping are possible - though they’d have to refund those who already paid extra for that. Don’t know how much of a hassle that may be.

I think the most likely change may be to simply extend the cutoff for each level. So if originally the “best” gift was for orders through the end of March and the next best for orders through the end of June, etc, they may make each level cover 4-5 months rather than 2-3. Which would mean those who would already get the best gift wouldn’t change.

And let’s not forget that the gift doesn’t have to be anything to do with TB itself. Just that it will be somewhat valuable and useful. That gets tricky since what even most people find “useful” may be of no interest to others - and so the whining would begin!

In general, the gift should NOT be viewed as something to “make up for” past delays. The delays are what they are. The gift is simply a reward for ordering early. They may do something else because of delays or they may not. So hopefully people won’t look at the gift and then say, “This wasn’t worth waiting a year” (or whatever). It is just a bonus over what you ordered.

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Thought about the possible gifts some more.

Let’s see what we were actually told - which starts with WT giving away 10,000 free TB to schools. That only covers a max of the first 2 days people could order. I don’t know what an individual TB costs to make, but clearly this instantly increases their cost of those TB to double.

And that doesn’t even factor in that it will be some time before they can recoup the costs of all the research, testing, production setup, etc. All the “profit” for some time may already be spoken for, even without giving out 10k of these free! This is costing them $1 million in income - combination of lack of profit plus a loss based on the direct cost of each TB to the company.

I know some people have theorized early buyers will get an extra TB. Would be nice, but think about it. Certainly “the earliest” buyers would include the 10k first buyers. So that means the cost to the company isn’t just the cost of making 1 TB each, but the 10k free ones to schools and another 10k “gifts” to the buyers. And that covers no more than two days of buying!

We have no idea where WT will draw the line on the various gift levels, but I always felt it would cover more than 2 days for the top level. I figured at least a month for the “best” gift - and hoped for it to extend into March enough to cover me too! Think of how many TB would be free in that scenario and all that money not available to pay for what it cost to develop!

Someday, with all the research done and income making up for the investment, we may see TB go for $50 or even less, just like many products. But that’s going to take quite awhile.

Now, I could see them giving an extra TB to testers - because that only numbers in the hundreds. But even that may not happen.