Gift speculation & suggestions

Full purchase price refund as a gift, it addition to the Text Blade.


Replying again about my progress.

I went and got another handful of these from the store. While I was there, I was delighted to find an actual Bluetooth LE mouse to test with (no keyboard though).

After a lot of futzing around, I got the HID Proxy mode working with the mouse. Confirmed by plugging the dongle into a dumb machine with no Bluetooth stack at all and it worked just fine. I found a Windows machine and installed CSR’s official driver on there, which writes data out (Pairing keys, I guess?) to the persistent store on the bluetooth dongle when something is paired. That said, the process is very cumbersome and CSR’s driver is a bit flaky, and requires access to a Windows box, so the next step is to analyze how the persistent stores changed before I paired the mouse and after:

root@derpy ~ # diff fresh.pskeys.txt  confed-mouse.pskeys.txt 
> // PSKEY_USR32
> &02aa = 0002 0000 000f 0000 001c 001a 0000 0000 0000 0010 0000 0013 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0012 0000 0001 0014 0016 0000 0003 0017 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000
> // PSKEY_USR36
> &02ae = f000
> // PSKEY_USR39
> &02b1 = 0001
> // PSKEY_USR40
> &02b2 = 69dd b220 50ec 5ede 8058 42a0 54c0 1ed5 f927 d9ea 6db8 9abe 185e d7a5 fb09 ed62
> // PSKEY_USR41
> &02b3 = fff0 ffff
> // PSKEY_USR42
> &02b4 = 001b dc35 559d 1482 1172 b993 ae80 ab5d 35bc 6ac5 0970 69ce 00a4 e4d6 63f1 c69e 45bf

So all this information got added to the internal stores when pairing the mouse. Next I guess I’ll pair a keyboard, and see what more gets added. If only I had a Bluetooth LE keyboard to pair.

In any case, I guess what I’m trying to say is, you may as well get your hands on an el-cheapo CSR8510 A10-based dongle, because this has been shown to be doable.


Tokyo you are a hero. A dongle solution like this would be awesome.

Very nice to see it need not require anything expensive either, I think they sell those CSR8510 by weight in 30lbs sacks :smiley:

I hope we can make a set of instructions that are not difficult for anyone to reproduce this config in their own dongles.

I’ve already bought mine based on this info!

As it turns out part of my issue has actually be solved by the delays :smile:

I didn’t want to move to Win8 but now Win10 has arrived I will be jumping my primary machines to a platform that includes the necessary BLE support.

That still leaves a substantial gap for me though - all the other servers, black boxes, legacy systems, even stuff like a TV or games console for which I want to easily connect a basic keyboard.

A keyboard that you literally always have with you is so much more useful if you can simply connect it to any stuff.

I never thought I’d want to stray from QWERTY because I encounter so many different systems I’d be constantly confronted with it, but if I can be confident my portable keyboard works everywhere that is a game changer.

For the CSR based dongles you should be able to use hid2hci to switch into HID mode.



Atleast 2 for 1 ofcourse. If they wanna put a good move on the ‘market’ they need to come up with something really special for the early birds.

while 2 for 1 would be nice, it’s a highly portable keyboard, why would one need two?

SO’s, different backpacks, gift for gizmo loving friends, etc

Different key caps would be great

i noticed in the latest blog there was no mention of a “gift for early adopters” the last blog post said “significant savings and privileges”… have they changed their minds?

Good point discokvn. Any feedback @waytools?

No worries disockvn – our policy remains the same.

Early adopters will receive a special gift. The earlier you ordered, the more substantial this gift is.

Read More: Early Adopter Guarantee

We’re very grateful to our early adopters, and are humbled by the amount of work to get the details right. It’s important to us that your faith and patience are well rewarded – both with this gift, and with an awesome product.


I think I figured it out. This explains everything!

The free gift is going to be a pre-release copy of their next product: a pocket-sized Time Machine. The WayTools WayBack Blades. They have a team in their building testing the proto-type now.

Unfortunately, the only option that they have working on their Time Blades is the button that jumps forward in time by one month at a time — you may have noticed this effect elsewhere in the company’s dealings. “Whoa! It’s not August anymore?!?!?!” (It also resulted in a paradox when one of their young workers found herself sitting next to herself testing units.)

But they’re very optimistic that the button that jumps back one year will start working soon, and that explains why, despite the amount of work still needed, they have set our shipping dates as they have.


Has anyone considered the possibility of the WT handing out shares of the company to early adopters? I’m by no means familiar with securities, but thought that might be an interesting idea…

That is a very wishful thinking. It will be either an extra TextBlade if they want to show how sorry they are for all the delays, or it could be a “luxurious” fake leather carrying case.

But they have said time and again that the gift will be more substantial for the earlier adopters. So I doubt the luxurious pleather case fits in with WT’s vague description. What would they do? Give more carrying cases to the earliest adopters? Give a more luxurious/faker carrying case?

Yeah, I know that relying on WT’s statements (expected ship date, promises of blog posts) is not recommended, but I think whatever they have in mind will be something that fits on a continuous scale.

And it doesn’t have to be stocks per se, but any type of profit sharing scheme that gives everyone an incentive to show their TextBlades to their friends in order to grow the value of the company. This could actually work. Even if the TB doesn’t change lives, I’m betting that it will have a strong “love-at-first-sight” appeal to anyone who sees it in the wild. If I showed this to some of my more tech-savvy friends, they will immediately see the utility in it and will likely purchase one.

There’s a less than zero chance any equity would be involved. Giving out stock to even 100 people would be a paperwork nightmare and would make any acquisition or further investment from VCs much more difficult. Imagine the hassle from the SEC gives me the shakes.

I think @bladerunner’s idea of a fake leather case is the most likely freebie. Personally, I’d love a doubling in my order, but that’s unlikely.

A gloriuous FUN gift would be a @waytools stopwatch / countdown timer with an inscription along the lines of “Sorry for the wait. For your next countdown…” or something self-deprecating.

So how would a leather carrying case be more substantial the earlier you ordered?