Gest - No keys typing and hand gestures for VR - $250, Delivery 11/2016

Here’s another new way to type on Kickstart. Looks to me much more useful for VR, eg with an Oculus Rift. Tom Cruise Minority Report interaction You strap an accelerometer on each finger and tap on a table to type. Or swipe in mid air for mouse-like gestures etc. Gestures would be nice with VR or CAD software

You’ll need to buy these for two hands if you want type, so that’s $250 now (you missed the $199 Early Bird). I think they are talking about $350/pair or more at retail.

Order now - claimed delivery November 2016

Sounds cool in principle, personally however, I don’t believe they’ll be much better than typing on a glass surface with no feedback.

I prefer a tactile response to my key presses.

Good luck to them though!

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I backed them too but not for the usage as keyboard. I think that those could be a better “Leap Motion”. I don’t think that you will be able to type efficiently with them in some “standard” way. If they are precise enough one could try to implement other gesture driven typing methods.