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And compared to a decent cup from a local café at about $4, the Aeropress pays for itself in a very short time.


The filters last for a surprising amount of time, too.
From all previous owners I’ve known, they use a new filter each time and then discard it with the puck.
All it needs is a rinse and it is right to go again. The inventor has stated that he uses his about 80 times before getting a new one. I haven’t kept count per coffee, myself; I just started on my 3rd after about 4 months. Probably would last longer if I stored them flat.

I got a reusable stainless steel filter.

Me to, works a treat on the road or in a tent.

I also have a ROK for the office, keeps the staff going:-)

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The ROK is my trusty coffee workhorse for in house. On the road I have come to love the Nanopresso (with double shot expansion kit).


It’s not the $4 that kills me going to a café … it’s the 30 minutes that I lose. My 16 year old DeLonghi has been pumping out (on average) at least a dozen double-espressos a day (hundreds a day, when we had it in the office), and cost around $1000 new, so about $0.01 per shot.