Fun with custom mappings

I just realized that because each of the 8 jumps advertises itself as a unique Bluetooth device with it’s own BT ID, I can pair my TextBlade to the same device, such as my laptop, more than once. For example I can paire once on Jump slot 3 (JS3), and a second time on JS4.

I can set JS3 to be a normal textblade, and JS4 to be an extreme textblade with a totally different keyboard mapping optimized for one particular use. For instance I can replace the whole left blade with spreadsheet navigation and keyboard shortcuts and the whole right blade with a numerical pad and operators. When I want to type regular I can just jump back and forth between JS3 and JS4.

I can imagine people using this for other types of apps or usage also.

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Yep, the 6 jumps are awesome for that. Colemak, qwerty if you want on two jumps on same computer.

How quickly does the TextBlade transition between the jump slots on the same computer? Great concept, just wondering about the practicalities of it…

Seconds at most but usually faster than that. I have lately been seeing a longer delay than earlier firmware versions when the TB first boots up when the blades are initially connected if you want to immediately jump to another slot (for example if the TB is being used with another device than the one when it was disassembled).

It can be tricky to give an exact number, but it is seconds so very practical. You press and hold the proper chord till the LEDs for that slot come on (almost instantly), release and wait for the lights to go out. Very quick - maybe up to 1.5 seconds. However, just because the lights have gone out, doesn’t mean the process is actually done (I think WT needs to adjust that). If you try to type instantly, it may not work. And I think if you type too soon, it can make it take a little longer. So what I normally do is wait an extra couple seconds.

It takes 2-3 seconds so it’s a mental pause for sure. My top wish list suggestion has been that once you ask for a jump, it would buffer any keys you press and then send them once the connection is established. This would make it feel almost instant and (IMO) make one of the best features even better. I’m hopeful this is something possible as a firmware change someday.

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I see as a little effort to take in account if connecting to same device on a jump and avoid bluetooth reconnection. Only make the remapping. In this case the switch between different mappings on same machine can be near to instantly.

Probably true although I would wish for this feature when jumping between devices also. For instance when I jump to my phone to reply to a text or chat message and jump back.

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I’ve noticed that while it can take several seconds for a jump to occur, this is usually after first booting the textblade. Once it is up and operational, jumping between slots and devices seems almost instant. I usually don’t notice a several second delay between devices.



For jump between devices it is more difficult to make it instant. TB must cose bluetooth session on old device and start the bluetooth session negotiation in new one. That can take several seconds, depending on the hardware and software of both devices

With buffering it could be more “like” instant. I could issue a jump, then start typing. In a couple of seconds when it connects it would send those characters.