Forum Photo Upload Database Restored! Yay!

Hi All - just a note to confirm that we just completed a restore of all the images uploaded by our users, so they’re rendering properly again now.

The Discourse forum software has been fully migrated to the most current build. Many users of that forum software have described kinks in the process that caused loss of user upload images.

But we were able to forensically figure out what causes that, analyze and debug it, and then restore all of them post-migration.

There’s about 5 icons - user avatars, that should be re-uploaded, but other than that all media was successfully recovered from our backups and restored to original quality.

So it all looks good from here now, and we think we’re done with the forum update.

Thanks all.


I’m so happy to have DBK’s avatar picture back!

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Well, it is the 6th most important thing people come here for, right behind:

  1. Tech update
  2. New firmware sent to Treg
    2.5. Maybe new treggers at the same time - if I was doing this, I’d want feedback from both old testers and new ones.
  3. GR announced.
  4. The form sent out for folks to confirm addresses, layout, etc (at least they said that would be done in the past, before shipping).
  5. Actually shipping (much better than just announcements!).

dbk- agree with above priority sequence for what we’re working on.

You never ask for plumbing hassles to pop up, but sometimes they do.

Since that plumbing is how we post and help service folks, you just get it done.

Looks like that‘s settled now. So onward and upward it is :sunglasses:

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Now that’s funny - because just before I made my annual trip to the mainland, I found a wet spot in the middle of my ceiling. That turned out to be from the apartment above me whose AC was leaking. The next day I had a wet carpet in my bathroom which was from the apartment two floors above me!

Then when I got back from vacation, my toilet wasn’t working right (would be very slow at filling and wouldn’t shut off). Got the inner mechanism replaced, but about a week ago, on the same day, it started doing the same thing again AND I had a new leak in the bathroom from the apartment 1 floors above me!

However, while that shows that issues can happen a lot, unexpectedly, it didn’t last for over 16 months. I’m ready for the update step.

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Almost overlook a little detail on this. Does this mean my “2.5” part of the sequence is also planned at the same time as item 2?